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Slime Tire Sealant Review - Stop using tire Slime read this first!
Posted by Brandon Ragan   Aug 27 2018
We tested all the major competing brands against TireJect™ and found the same result each time. Slime and other brands are made with a thick gel like base using long strand fibers of varying types....

How to choose the best tire sealant
Posted by Brandon Ragan   Aug 26 2018
There are many tire sealant brands and options to fix or prevent flat tires. We have tested every tire sealant on the market and have found all to be the same which is what drove us to create TireJ...

TireJect vs. Competing Brands
Posted by Brandon Ragan   Jan 26 2018
Not all tire sealants are created equal. In this post we compare the most popular brands of tire sealant (brand names omitted) with TireJect tire sealant. Competing tire sealants are a thick gel ba...