Auto Tire Repair Kit

All-In-One Automotive Tire Repair Tool Kit

By TireJect
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Our All-In-One Automotive Tire Repair Tool Kit is ready-to-go, easy to carry and includes everything you need to fix a flat tire from anywhere:

  • Super sized 60g CO2 Inflator
  • 20oz of TireJect™ Automotive Instant Tire Repair Tire Sealant
  • 2oz Sealant Injector for installation
  • Tire plug kit to repair larger punctures
  • Tire pressure gauge

Drive prepared with the TireJect™ All-In-One Repair Tool Kit and never get stuck with a flat tire again!

What's Included

Durable, Long Lasting

TireJect is a new class of Innovative Tire Repair to handle Low Tire Pressure issues caused by Slow Bead Leaks, Tire Punctures and Flat Tire. Easily handle Nails, Screws and Road Debris. Get more life from your tire.


Compact car, mid-size sedan, motorcycle

For tires up to p215/50/17
4oz per tire

Full-size Sedan, Crossover, Small Pickup Truck/SUV

For tires up to 245/65/18
6oz per tire

Full-size Pickup Truck or SUV

For tires up to 275/70/22
10oz per tire

Oversize / Custom Wheels

For tires up to 315/70/22
12oz per tire


1: Remove Valve Core

2: Install Into Tire

3: Re-inflate tire

TireJect easily installs through the valve stem

First time?

Don't sweat it! TireJect can be install by all skill levels in minutes.


  • Engineered with Liquid Rubber Technology
  • Instantly seals punctures & leaks
  • Contains active sealing particles and aramid fibers to plug punctures
  • Low Viscosity, Fast Flowing Formula does not cause vehicle or wheel vibration
  • Easy to install through the valve stem
  • Tire Shop Friendly, water soluble for easy clean up
Low Tire Pressure? Slow Leak? Nail? Screw? Flat Tire?

Be Prepared


Can I use TIREJECT in car tires?

Yes, you can use TIREJECT Automotive (On-Road) formula on vehicles with tire pressure sensors (TPMS).

What type of flat tires will TIREJECT Automotive seal?

TIREJECT Automotive will seal tread punctures up to 1/4" in diameter and bead leaks (leaks between the tire and rim). Do not use TIREJECT Automotive for sidewall punctures, rim damage or major tire damage. Always have tire inspected at a certified tire shop to ensure the tire is safe for continued operation.

Does TIREJECT Automotive work with Tire Pressure Sensors (TPMS)?

Yes, TIREJECT Automotive is compatible with most TPMS valve stems and safe for the tire and rim. TIREJECT is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and non-toxic. The main difference with TPMS enabled valve stems is the air passage way in the valve is more narrow than a standard Schrader valve stem. TIREJECT Automotive is specially formulated for TPMS valve stems.

Will TIREJECT Automotive prevent flats?

Use TIREJECT Automotive to repair an existing flat tire caused by bead leaks and tread punctures. We do not recommend using TIREJECT Automotive as a preventative in on-road vehicles. While tires operate at highway speeds tire temperature is increased causing TIREJECT to cure more quickly and limiting the time that TIREJECT will actively seal new punctures after application.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
brent leighty (Altoona, US)
Great Product!

I used their product on a slow leaking UTV tire. Absolutely amazing! So I got the Automotive Kit. Hopefully I never have to use it, but if so, I know I’ll be in great hands! Thanks Tireject!

Ron E. (Sacramento, US)
Awesome stuff

Nothing like it. Have used it b4. And luv it. Always wrks and easy to use. Fabulous!!