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Off-Road Emergency Tire Repair Kit with Colby Valve
Off-Road Emergency Tire Repair Kit with Colby Valve
Off-Road Emergency Tire Repair Kit with Colby Valve
Off-Road Emergency Tire Repair Kit with Colby Valve
Off-Road Emergency Tire Repair Kit with Colby Valve
Off-Road Emergency Tire Repair Kit with Colby Valve
Off-Road Emergency Tire Repair Kit with Colby Valve
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Description Summary:

The TireJect Emergency Tire Repair Kit featuring Colby Valve includes everything you need to repair a flat tire or broken valve stem. This kit will fix flat tires caused by tire punctures, bead leaks, slow leaks during temperature changes and even broken valve stems with Colby Valve. Colby Valve is the only valve stem that can be installed tool-free in only minutes.

  • Repair punctures & beads leaks & slow leaks with TireJect Tire Sealant
  • Replace a broken valve stem with the tool-free Colby Valve
  • Repair larger punctures with the Tire Plug Kit
  • Includes 20 pieces
  • Contains components that are made in the USA & the kit is assembled in the USA
  • Detailed Vehicle Dosage Guidelines
The Ultimate Tire Repair Kit!

TireJect and Colby Valve have teamed up to create the ultimate tire repair kit offering the best tire repair options on the market so you are not stranded with a flat tire.

Emergency Off-Road Tire Repair Kit featuring Colby Valve
Includes 20 pieces to repair almost any flat tire:
  • 10oz of TireJect Off-Road Tire Sealant
  • Dispensing cap with hose for easy installation of tire sealant
  • Colby Valve Stem with both tool-free and permanent installation hardware
  • Metal tire plug kit (6 tire plugs, rubber cement glue, 3 replacement split-eye needles, allen key & cutter tool)
  • Metal XL valve core removal tool
  • Red valve stem cap to mark tire with installed tire sealant
  • Durable carry case with latches (10.5”x8.3”x3.1”)
  • Instruction cards & stickers
Full Tire Protection and permanent seal with liquid rubber
TireJect 5-in-1 Sealing Benefits
Play 5-in-1 Video
TireJect has a 5-star rating (★★★★★) and is the highest-rated Tire Sealant on the market. Leaks and punctures are instantly sealed; our formula contains super strong Aramid fibers and recycled rubber tire particles that wedge into the leak and the liquid rubber is what bonds to the tire for a permanent seal.
Off-Road 5-in-1 Sealing Benefits:
1 Punctures up to 3/8"
2 Tread punctures
3 Sidewall punctures
4 Bead leaks
5 Minor tire dry rot*
Tread Punctures
Sidewall Punctures
Bead Leaks
Minor dry rot
TireJect™ is not your standard off the shelf tire sealant.
Our Tire Sealant is engineered with liquid rubber, recycled tire particles and Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber to outperform our competitors in every aspect. With TireJect you get superior sealing benefits, easy installation and easy clean-up. If you have tried old traditional tire sealant without success we understand that you are skeptical. We have specifically designed TireJect™ tire sealant to solve the problems of traditional tire sealants. This means no more tire balance issues, no more mess, just tire sealant that works.
Permanently fix flats on all off-road tubeless tires
  • Use 75% less than competing brands
    (compare competing brands).
  • Easy to install and water solube for easy clean up
  • Low viscosity and will not cause vibration
Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of TireJect™ Technology
TireJect™ Technology
TireJect's patent pending tire sealant formula contains natural liquid rubber, recycled rubber tire particles, and aramid fibers (see material contents). The active sealing particles and fibers plug punctures and leaks from the inside while the liquid rubber bonds to the tire to form a permanent seal.
Compatible with all off-road tubeless tires:
ATV, UTV, Side by Side (SxS), golf cart, utility trailer, lawn mower, tractors, farm equipment, construction and heavy equipment, etc.
Colby Valve - Available with Adenture Pro+ Kit
Tool-free Replacement Valve Stem!
Colby Valve built a better valve stem. It installs from the outside of the wheel in about 1 minute, is 20X stronger than standard valves and made in the USA!
Colby Valve Highlights:
  • NO TOOLS required!
  • Installs from the outside of the wheel in 1 minute
  • 20X stronger than standard valves
  • Fits standard .453 wheel openings
  • Kit includes tool-free and permanent installation hardware
Why Colby Valve:
Your tire valves are probably your vehicle's weakest link. One hard impact and you're in a world of hurt. Don't take the risk. Be prepared with Colby Valves.
TireJect™ is Easy to Install
Remove Valve Core
Attach Cap Hose & Open
Squeeze Pouch
Re-install Valve Core
Re-Inflate Tire
Install TireJect Valve Cap
Drive or Rotate Tire
Anyone can install TireJect™ in only minutes.
Deflate the tire and remove the valve core with the included valve core removal tool. Push the hose over the valve stem and pull/flip open the cap. Squeeze the pouch to force the tire sealant liquid into the tire through the valve stem. Re-install the valve core with the included tool. Re-inflate the tire and install the Red TireJect Valve Cap to easily identify the tires that have TireJect installed. Drive or rotate the tire for 5 minutes to allow the tire sealant to cover all areas of the tire.
TireJect Off-Road Tire Sealant Is Easy To Install
Play Installation Video
How to use Tire Plug Tool Kit
Automotive Install Video
Off-Road Install Video
Our Tire Plug Tool Kit is easy to use and compatible with TireJect Tire Sealant. Use with TireJect Tire Sealant to seal larger holes and ensure a strong, durable seal.
Tire Repair Pouch Dosage Guidelines
Side-by-Side, ATV / UTV
Repair one tire up to 27x11
Use two pouches for tires up to 32x11
Lawn mower/ Zero turn mower
Repair one rear tire up to 24x12
or Repair two front tires
Golf cart
Repair two tires up to 18x8
Compact Tractor
Repair one tire up to 20x14
Use 2x 10oz pouches for tires up to 14x18
Wheelbarrow, handcart, small tires
Repair up to 4 tires
Larger tires? - Tractors, Heavy equipment, etc.
Use multiple pouches or the gallon tire repair kit to repair larger tires
Use Dosage Calculator

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Actis (Silver Spring, US)

My kawasaki mule gets a lot of work hours . The tires take a beating. This product really works ,and the kit makes it easy to make repairs with little or no down time. Highly recommend this product.

Frank Garcia
Review of this kit

I haven’t had the need to used it yet, but I love how it comes in a nice compact box and has everything I would need to fix a puncture on my Polaris. It fits perfectly in my tote box along with all my tools.