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How much revenue can you add by selling TireJect™?
How many ATVs\UTVs\SxS do you sell a month?
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is your yearly revenue increase!
Start offering the TireJect™ Tire Protection Plan
  • Add $20,000 or more to your annual revenue
  • Bring customers back to your store without spending a cent on external advertising
  • No Risk - Guarantee backed by TireJect™
  • Improve your customers experience with 1 year of no flat tires after purchasing new equipment or new tires
Tire Protection Plan Pricing
Standard ATV (tires up to 25x8)
Side by Side (SxS) (tires up to 27x11)
Tires above 27x11
Register the customer with the TireJect™ mobile app
  • Place sticker on vehicle
  • Scan QR code sticker
  • Enter customer details and vehicle information
  • Automatically sends branded emails to your customers
Bring customers back to your store

After a new vehicle or new tire set is sold you pre-install TireJect™ tire sealant and register the customer into the TireJect™ mobile app by scanning the QR code. The customer will receive a confirmation email and invite to the mobile app to track the subscription status.

Next the customer will receive automated reminder emails that are branded and customized for your dealership. The emails are sent at 6, 9 and 12 months to remind your customer to return to your dealership for a renewal on the TireJect™ Tire Protection Plan or to purchase a refill of TireJect™ Tire Sealant. This will drive return businesss to your dealership without spending a cent on external advertising.

Tire Protection Plan Highlights
  • Offer Guaranteed 1 year flat tire protection
  • Bring customers back for refills with our mobile app
  • Pre-install in new vehicle and new tire sales
TireJect™ Tire Sealant Highlights
  • Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber
  • Protects from punctures in the tread, sidewall and also bead leaks
  • Water soluble formula for easy clean up and no mess during tire replacement
Increase your dealership revenue by over $20k

TireJect™ is more than a tire sealant company - Yes we do have the markets highest rated, most effective tire sealant. But, we have also built a marketing platform that will increase your revenue with new vehicle sales and bring your customers back into your dealership. Our mobile app and Tire Protection Plan system sends emails to your customers using your dealership brand to drive Tire Protection Plan renewal and TireJect™ refill sales in your store.

To calculate your revenue increase per year take the average number of vehicles you sell a month, multiply it by $79.99 and multiple that by 12 months. Or simply use the revenue calculator at the top of this page.

TireJect™ backed, Guaranteed 1 year flat tire protection
What is covered under the Tire Protection Plan guarantee?
  • Any type of leak or puncture in a tubeless tire caused by nails, screws, thorns, barbed wire, etc... as long as its from an object 3/8" or less
  • Punctures or leaks can be in any location; tread or sidewall
  • Slow leaks from bead as long as tire bead and rim are not damaged
Tell me more about the TireJect™ mobile app

How is the app used by the dealer? - Typically the service center will have the app installed for customer / machine registration (or we can provide a tablet). During post sale prep of the vehicle a TireJect™ QR code sticker is placed on the vehicle. Then scan the QR code in the app and register the customer and vehicle information. The service center will then install TireJect™ Tire Sealant as instructed by the mobile app dosage chart, this process typically takes 5-10 minutes and is part of the post sales prep before the vehicle is delivered or picked-up by the customers.

What does the customer see in the app? - After the customer and vehicle is registered into the app they will receive a confirmation email with a download link and app login information. Once installed they can login and check tire health or subscription status. The vehicle registered to the Tire Protection Plan is automatically linked to the app and they will recieve email and in app notifications at 6, 9 and 12 months reminding them to return to your dealership for TireJect™ Tire Protection Plan renewal or to purchase a refill.

Easy to use mobile app to register customers.
Get it on iTunes    Get it on Google Play
How does the tire sealant work?

TireJect™ is not your standard off the shelf tire sealant - We engineered our formula with Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber and liquid rubber to outperform our competitors in every aspect; starting with superior puncture performance and ending with easy clean up. If you have tried old traditional tire sealant without success we understand that you are skeptical. We have specifically designed TireJect tire sealant to solve the problems of traditional tire sealant. This means no more tire balance issues, no more mess, just tire sealant that works.

TireJect™ Tire Sealant plugs the tire from the inside and adheres the Kevlar® Fiber into the puncture or leak forming a permanent plug from the inside. Competing tire sealants do not form a permanent plug. TireJect is water soluble, easier to work with and provides superior flat repair and prevention.

Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of TireJect™ Technology
Dosage guide (per tire) for common applications:


Standard ATV/UTV Tires
(for tires over 26x8 use 12oz per tire)
Side-by-Side(SxS) Tires
(for tires over 28x10 use Dosage Calc)
Sub-compact Tractor Tires
(use larger dosage for rear tires)
Skid-Steer Loader Tires
(use Dosage Calc for tires larger than 27x10)
Wheelbarrow Tires
(use 4oz for cracked/dry rotted tires)
Utility Trailer Tires
Small Riding Lawn Mower Tires
(larger dosage for rear - use Dosage Calc for tires > 18x10)
Standard Golf Cart Tires
(for tires over 18x8 use Dosage Calc)
Dosage Calc
Larger rear tires?
Use the lower dosage amount for the front tires and larger dosage amount for the rear tires.
Dosage calculator for heavy equipment and large tractors