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Tire Sealant Injector - Sealant Applicator
Tire Sealant Injector - Sealant Applicator
Tire Sealant Injector - Sealant Applicator
Tire Sealant Injector - Sealant Applicator
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Description Summary:

Our sealant injector makes application of TireJect fast and easy with no mess.

First time using TireJect?
Start with TireJect™ Tire Sealant Kits that come with everything you need to fix and prevent flat tires.

  • Threads directly to valve stem
  • Re-usable tool
  • Cylinder markings for accurate measurement and no waste

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
mike love (San Mateo, US)
Couldn’t use

This product is probably a very good one if used with tubeless tires but even though it was recommended by an EBike manufacturer no where does it state not to be used tube type tires. They did allow me to return it and the injector but I had to pay return postage.

Hi Mike we are sorry to hear that you were not happy with your experience. We aim to make our product pages and information as clear as possible and will incorporate your feedback into future site revisions. Thank you.

frank boothe (Bedford, US)

I’m on my 5-6 gal now i think and ilove it! Has proven itself time and time again. I came across this stuff from Onelonelyfarmer btw

Alphonse Prisco (Carmel, US)
Works Great!

Works as advertised.

Lavern Bergey (Midland, US)

I love tirejectand it worked well I used it in my quad I used it in my lawn mower add in a tire for my cart that holds refrigerators and stuff excellent product I suggested you buy it if you need it just follow instructions and it works perfect

Jerzy (Trafalgar, US)
Amazing Stuff!

Amazing stuff!
What the "professional tire repair" guys were unable to fix in three visits, TireJect fixed in one squirt!
In the early spring of 2019 I found one of my rear tires, on our 60 inch zero-turn mower, was flat. It was an annoyingly super slow leaker. After a few pump ups and complaints from the wife, I took it to one of the tire shops in town and they were very hesitant to even try and fix it. They were friendly about it, but they told me that "these kinds of tires are best replaced, not patched" because the patch often will not fix the problem, and they said that I got a good 15 years of service out of the tire, it's time to replace it. I asked about the price and the first shop told me that it would cost $140 plus tax! I said let's try and fix it. They found a tiny construction staple in the tire tread but it was near the very edge of the side-wall, but still in the tread section, so they patched it. I took it home, happy that I saved one tire from going to the land fill AND $140 still in my pocket. A few weeks later,... the tire was flat again!
Nearing the end of the season and after I got sick of pumping up the tire, I took it back to the tire shop again. They told me the same store as last time, and they attempted another repair. Using their tire dunk tank, I was able to find another tiny pin hole after about 20 minutes of looking and watching, (that we missed last time?), so they put a plug in the tire this time. I happily took the tire home, thinking that for sure this time we fixed it. Two weeks later the tire is sitting flat on the floor of our garage! I shook my head and said that the first snow is only a few weeks away,... I'll fix it next year.
In the Spring of 2020, I fired up the mower, pumped up the tire, and cut the grass. A couple of weeks later my wife, once again, complains about the tire, so I took it to another tire shop. Nearly the same story about patching vs replacing the tire, this shop only wanted $90 plus tax for a new tire, yet they agreed to attempt another repair, but couldn't find a single leak! Look again I said, this tire surely leaks. No leak was found.
After remounting the tire on the mower, and head hung low, I went in and "consulted with YouTube". I found a video, by a channel I really like and trust, on SixtyFiveFord, about TireJect.
A few additional video testimonials and a couple of clicks later, I'm on the phone ordering one TireJect Kit. A couple of days later over the Memorial Day weekend, I got the package. I read and followed the instructions, so as to give this soupy looking milk, an "honest shot at fixing the problem".
Two months later here I am writing this review, happy as one can be! The tire holds air, the customer service over the phone was great, the product arrived in a timely fashion, and I found another great American made product. I haven't added a single pump of air to the tire since I squirted in TireJect, over two months ago.