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Off-Road Tire Sealant Gallon Refill
ben marshall (Annapolis Junction, US)
3+ years now

This stuff works as advertised. 2 year warranty. I've used it in old cracked tires. It let's me buy new tires when I get around to it rather than orced emergency purchases to keep going. But then it's now been 3 years going fine lol

Automotive Tire Sealant Refill Pouch
Customer (Morristown, US)
It Really Works Well !

I was a bit skeptical having previously used other types of temporary tire leak sealers, not always successfully. This product offers a pretty much permanent solution to a slow tire leak. I have a set of very expensive aftermarket chrome wheels that would always leak slowly due to flaking inside the rim. After multiple attempts at having tires removed and remounted I decided to give TireJect a try. I am glad I did as it’s been months without needing to refill the treated tires! I’m ordering more to have on hand in case another of my vehicles tires need help.
Very Satisfied Customer!

Lawnmower tire repair

Works great. Tire sat in Sun for years. Cracks & leaks everywhere. Injected TireJect, rolled it around & leaks stopped less than a minute. Tire hasn't lost air in over a week.

best sealer

so far it works exactly as stipulated

Worked once, failed second time

I've used Tireject twice. The first time was to seal a tire bead on an SUV. It worked great and stopped the very slow and pesky leak. Liked it so much I ordered more to fix a golf cart tire which had a very small finishing nail in it. Followed instructions but it did not work Tireject just leaked out creating a major mess. Ended up plugging the tire. I would use it again for a bead leak but not a puncture.

Hi JR, Thank you for using TIreJect and contacting us. TIreJect will always seal a puncture like you describe and there must be something else going on with the tire or application that is causing this. I am confident that we can help get to the bottom of the issue and we will be happy to ship out replacement sealant to use with the next flat you get. Please email with your order number and we will ship out a new pouch. Thank you!

Lawn Mower Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Harris Spracher (Waynesboro, US)

The product seems to do the trick !

best sealer

works just like they said

The tire sealant that all should try to be!

A lifetime of farming, construction and truck driving has given me the opportunity to try every sealant on the market. This is the one all others should be judged against!!! The best I've found by FAR!!!

Worked great on trailer tire

Had a pin hole in a brand new trailer tire. Tireject fixed the issue with no problems. 5 minute and fixed

Best product ever

My bulldog bit the side wall of one of my commercial mowers( both back tires), punctures in side walls took off tires off laid on sides used product as directed, it oozed thru holes immediately! Works as described!

Automotive Tire Sealant Refill Pouch
David Seifert (Carlinville, US)
Awesome customer service

I put 8 ounces of Tireject in my pickup tire and notified Tireject that I still had a slow leak. Matt sent me another 8 ounces free of charge and suggested I put another 2 ounces in my tire. After doing this my tire has held 36 pounds of air for about a month. I’m very happy with the results of the product and for the help from Matt in customer service! Will order again for other tires.


Sidewall had a plug in it that leaked. Always had to put air in it and it's brand new which really sucks but after adding 10oz of this product leaked stopped. Wish I bought this stuff before replacing my dry rotted tires that had good tread still. Works

Works in an instance

I saw Tireject advertised and used by a You Tuber One Lonely Farmer. He swears by it. I had a small pin hole in the side wall. Just enough to let the tire go flat after 3 to 4 days. Brand new tire. Put tireject into the trailer tire and instant fix.
This stuff is great. Saved me 200 buck for a new tire

Sedan/Crossover/Truck 2-in-1 Tire Sealant & Bead Sealer Kit
$Bill Wingate, Fly-Over Country (Lanesville, US)
Rim Leak Solved with TireJect

The aluminum rims were constantly losing air over a period of days even though the dealership dismounted and dressed (cleaned up) the rims. The results from the dealership were disappointing. Not wanting to buy new rims, I tried TireJect. TireJect has worked really worked well. Great Product. Thanx!

Great Product

Just my tire was so bad will order again very nice customer service!!!😃

Off-Road Tire Sealant - Gallon Tire Repair Kit
Carrie Martincic (Monongahela, US)

Product is a little expensive but it does work

Easy to install

Easy to install if you’re careful-I spilled a little on the first tire. Has worked on the zero turn mower but my truck tire still leaks.

Fantastic product!

I bought a 3 pack for slow leaks in 3 of my fat tire scooters (9.5" wide tires). Easy to put in the tires with the injection plunger. Just be careful as the product has almost a water like consistency. It stopped the leaks and I ordered 3 more bags

Great Product

I've used your product on several vehicles, that I was having problems with slow leak's, Problem solved! No leak's, Great product I recomend this product to who ever will listen!

Tire Plug Tool Kit
Mike Visket (Prescott, US)
Great service, great product.

Rivian wouldn't have chosen TireJect as their provider of choice for their tire repair kit if they weren't the best. After dealing with TireJect, I can see why. Prompt telephone service, prompt delivery, and a well packaged, rugged product.

Slick and Quick!

The Injector Pump Works GREAT! It's so quick and easy and NEAT! No mess to clean up afterwards!

Our Bad Boy Maverick 60" Mower is BACK in Action!!!

After delivery of our Maverick (early March 2023), the first day of mowing was a joy on our ten+ acres of Mesquite infested land, right up until the three flat tires, two front, and one rear, that appeared. Talk about a BUZZ KILL!!! Allow me to cut to the chase--my wife did a quick search for inexpensive solutions and TireJect popped up. I had heard of the other competitors, but this was new, I had not ever heard of TireJect. After reading reviews and watching a few videos I thought this looked amazing, and wow, the results are absolutely what were promised! All three flats are fixed (very easy, even with my broken shoulder), and I applied the product to the other rear tire to prevent a flat this season. We are all set, and it is huge thanks to this amazing product! I'll not ever be without this on the shelf again! Way less expensive than the $900, per rear tire, for the no-flat tires, offered by Bad Boy (even though they are great looking)!

Fantastic product

I have used this several times to stop bread leaks and it has never let me down.

Compact Car 2-in-1 Tire Sealant & Bead Sealer Kit
Charles Norris (San Antonio, US)
Great product

I actually ordered the Compact Car sealant in error but was able to change the order to the off road sealant that I needed before shipment.
I used it on my riding mower front tire and it has been working great for several weeks.

Lawn Mower Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
William Lucas (Beaver Dams, US)

Lawn Mower Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit