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Compact Car 2-in-1 Tire Sealant & Bead Sealer Kit
David Smith (Winston-Salem, US)
Missing Tool

The product worked well. However, it didn’t contain the valve stem removal tool that was supposed to be included. I had to purchase it separately from an auto parts store.

This stuff is amazing. I use it in my tractor tires and golf cart tires on my ranch in Southern Texas whenever I get a flat and the tires pump right back up.

A repeat customer

Product came rather fast which was good
Alot of stuff takes forever to get.
Easy to use
Was a quick instal on two tires that have seadonal leaks..
Aluminum wheel seem to lose air in the cooler temps.
Now all 4 wheels are protected…

Automotive Tire Sealant 40oz Refill Bottle

Off-Road Tire Sealant Refill Pouch
Test Dealer (New Delhi, IN)
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Tire Sealant Kits - Prevent & Fix Flat Tires

Use this in my tractor, ranch trailer, golf cart, and zero turn mower tires. South Texas mesquite, guajilla, prickly pear, etc. This stuff works GREAT!

Automotive Emergency Tire Repair Kit
Anonymous (Washington, US)
Good to be prepared

I picked up the automotive tire repair kit to partially compensate for a new truck that lacks a spare (full size or compact). Hoping not to need to use the repair kit but glad it is in the truck.

Perfect repair

I had a bead leak on my Silverado tire, the tire shop attempted to clean up and reset the bead using bead sealer and the leak got worse. I put in the full size truck sealant and have zero leaks! Very satisfied.

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
John Hawkins (Buckner, US)

Havent gotten the tires back on sids by side but they have been holding air so well see

2006 Ford f250 super duty

My tire on my truck had a slow leak, most likely around the bead. I injected the tireject into the tire, re-inflated the tire, drove it, and the leak is gone. Wonderful product, I will buy it again.

Tire Plug Tool Kit
William Degenhardt (St Louis, US)
All the products from tireject work

Best 100$ I’ve spent in a while

Compact Car 2-in-1 Tire Sealant & Bead Sealer Kit
William Morris (Saint Clair Shores, US)

Had bad leaks in both rear tires. Needed air every other day. Installed (easy) TireJect and have not had to add any more air. In fact it’s been about 10 days and have only lost 1lb. Bit pricey, but worth it!

It works but it sure is expensive

Great gift idea!

The product works extremely well. Giving it as gifts!!

Jet tire

This is one of the best products I’ve ever used. I would tell friends all over the country all about this you have a number one product and I will be ordering again from you soon thank you again and I hope they don’t take over a week to get it to me. Thank you tire jet very much. Sam Froio AKA TAZ

Fixed a slow leak 5lb/10days. In tread, tire shop wouldn't touch it. Not hard to apply and has worked for a month. Sure saved me good money.

So far so good

After my tire dealer wouldn't apply bead sealer to my right front, my only choice was to use a tire sealant or replace the wheel on my 2016 Subaru. In the nasty salt covered roads in Illinois, the wheels will leak due to corrosion around the wheel rim. The tire dealer tried to clean them up but it didn't last long. Leaving for Florida, I decided to give TireJect a try. It took me literally 3-4 minutes to remove the valve, inject the sealant, replace the valve and fill the tire with air ( i have an air compressor). Drove 1225 miles. NO LEAK. worked great

Handles mequites

Put some in my Gator a few months ago. Drive in pasture with lots of mesquite trees, many small and some dead lying on ground. So far I have had no problem. Got some more to put in a pickup tire not sealing on rim. Looking forward to see how it works out.

Repeat customer

Works better than they say good stuff

Thanks OLF and TireJect

Purchased TireJect a couple of years ago after watching One Lonely Farmer on You Tube demonstrating how well it works. This is the 3rd order we have received as we are finding that this product has become very handy around the property. Hasn't failed us yet.

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Terry Johns (Dallas, US)
Gator and Zero Turn

Sealed 5 of 8 tires and holding.

So far so good

I had a slow leak in my tire that needed air every 3 days. It has been two weeks and no air needed. If this works, I saved a lot of money!

Off-Road Tire Sealant - Single Tire Repair Kit
John STERMER (Bloomingdale, US)
Great stuff

I live on a farm that has several varieties of thorn trees - honey locust, hedge and the like. I constantly had punctured tires on my mower and pretty much had to air up before every mowing around the fields.

I tried Tireject off-road and that pretty much fixed the problems. I still lose some air when a thorn is embedded in the tire, but I can pull it out and rotate the tire a couple of times, and the leak is sealed.

Tireject has saved me from buying tires or messing with cumbersome plugs. I still have the original tires on my John Deere mower after 3 years of use and many thorns.

Automotive Tire Sealant 40oz Refill Bottle
Donna Lewandowski (Rumford, US)
Best thing since sliced bread!

Best thing for rim leak.

Compact Car 2-in-1 Tire Sealant & Bead Sealer Kit
Michael Golownia (Apple Valley, US)
Amazing product

For a long time I was having trouble with my tires loosing air. I had one that needed air at least every two weeks. I purchased some tireject after searching the web for leaking tires and came across tireject. I purchased some and i am glad I did it took care of the problem. It really works. Glad I found them.