MTB Sealing Technology

Tubeless Ready Flat Tire Protection

Dependable flat tire protection that contains active sealing fibers that are uniformly distributed within the sealant for superior sealing capabilities. The fibers and recycled tire particles clot together to form a super strong aramid fiber plug while the liquid rubber bonds together for a permanent seal.

Slow Leaks

Easily seal slow leaks caused by tire imperfections, pours and micro leaks that leak slowly over time.

Tread & Sidewall Punctures

Best puncture rating on the market. Seal punctures up to 3/8 inch with our advanced Aramid Fiber, Recycled Tire Particles & Liquid Rubber formulation.

Bead Leaks

Our low viscosity fast flowing formula will instantly seal pesky bead leaks between the tire & rim.


Flat Tire Protection


Designed for Tubeless & Tubeless Ready Mountain Bike Wheelsets.

  • Easy to Use & Install
  • Instant Seal
  • Seals Large Punctures & Bead Leaks