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Colby Valve Emergency Replacement Valve Stems
Colby Valve Emergency Replacement Valve Stems
Colby Valve Emergency Replacement Valve Stems
Colby Valve Emergency Replacement Valve Stem
Colby Valve Emergency Replacement Valve Stem
Colby Valve Emergency Replacement Valve Stem
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Description Summary:

A broken valve stem is not thought about until its too late. A broken valve stem is commonly caused by large rocks, logs and rough terrain that you can encounter on the trail.

Don't risk getting stranded on the trail with no fix. Carry ColbyValve in your tire repair tool kit to replace a broken valve stem anywhere. ColbyValve is tool-free and installs within five minutes by hand from the outside of the wheel. No need to take a damaged tire to the shop – fix it in the field and continue your ride with confidence!

The Colby Valve Emergency Valve was created with the 4x4 user in mind. Machined from solid 360 brass bar stock, this valve stem replacement is 20x stronger than standard valve stems and exceeds typical valve stem PSI ratings.  Colby Valve Emergency Valve is reusable and its unique design creates a perfect seal on nearly any .453 wheel opening. This is a one-of-a-kind insurance policy that has no equal in the category. Never venture out on the trails without Colby Valve.

  • Emergency valve stem to replace broken valve stems anywhere without wheel or tire removal
  • Installs by hand without tools in 5 minutes or less
  • Fits most standard wheels
  • 20x stronger than standard valves
  • Add ColbyValve to your tire repair tool kit
  • Replace a ColbyValve in your TireJect Emergency Tire Repair Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Christensen (Wendell, US)
Just in Case !!!!

Have wished I had one of these more than once... Valves look like they should definately do the job..Fortunately I have NOT needed them yet !!!

Brandon Hayes (Knoxville, US)

Colby Valve Emergency Replacement Valve Stems

Sardog1 (West Bend, US)
Cheap Insurance

I've broken a valve stem when wheeling my Jeep and my only option at the time was to use the spare tire. No more! The Colby Valve will make quick work of getting yourself out of a bind in far less time than changing a tire.

Hainebd (Mullica Hill, US)
Flat preventer

Never have a flat. My quads, tractors and other low speed tires are treated with TireJect and no flats.

Lance wilson (Brooklyn, US)
Not impressed

I put the to tirejet in 2 different tires atv tire with a slow leak. And a backhoe tubeless front tire with a bead leak your product did not fix either one

Hi Lance we tried to contact you over email to help with your installation. TireJect will always seal a tire and there are only a few reasons it would not work. We would first like to verify the type of vehicle, tire size and dosage installed. Inadequate dosage for the tire size is the most common reason a tire would fail to seal. The other reason might be a leaky valve stem or valve core. Please contact us at help@tireject.com and we can provide further assistance. I am sure we can find out what is going on and seal your tires.