Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit
Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit
Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit
Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit
Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit
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Quick Highlights:
  • Gallon (128oz) of TireJect Tire Sealant, 5oz TireJect Tire Sealant Injector for application, Valve core remover tool, TireJect valve stem caps
Extra Details:

TireJect™ tire repair is faster and easier to install than any other product on the market. Easily seal all areas of a tire - Fix common punctures up to 3/8", Bead leaks, Slow leaks, Tire dry rot and cracks. If you have tried old traditional tire sealants and old tire repair methods without success we understand that you are skeptical. We have specifically designed TireJect™ tire sealant to be easy to install and to extend the life of your tires to save you time and money.

Permanently fix flats on all off-road tubeless tires
  • Use 75% less than competing brands
    (compare competing brands).
  • Easy to install and water solube for easy clean up
  • Low viscosity and will not cause vibration
Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of TireJect™ Technology
TireJect™ Technology
TireJect's patent pending tire sealant formula contains natural liquid rubber, recycled rubber tire particles, and aramid fibers (see material contents). The active sealing particles and fibers plug punctures and leaks from the inside while the liquid rubber bonds to the tire to form a permanent seal.
Compatible with all off-road tubeless tires:
ATV, UTV, Side by Side (SxS), golf cart, utility trailer, lawn mower, tractors, farm equipment, construction and heavy equipment, etc.
Anyone can install TireJect™ in only minutes.
Deflate the tire and remove the valve core with the included tool. Attach the Sealant Injector. Open and pour TireJect™ tire sealant into the injector body. Use the injector plunger to clear the injector. Re-install the valve core with the included tool. Re-inflate the tire and install the Red TireJect Valve Cap to easily identify the tires that have TireJect installed. Drive or rotate the tire for 5 minutes to allow the tire sealant to cover all areas of the tire.
Remove Valve Core
Attach Injector
Pour Sealant
Inject Sealant
Re-install Valve Core
Re-Inflate Tire
Install TireJect Valve Cap
Drive or Rotate Tire
What is TireJect Tire Sealant made with?
What is TireJect Tire Sealant made with?
  • Natural liquid rubber*
  • Recycled rubber tire particles
  • High strength Aramid fibers (Dupont™ Kevlar®)
  • TireJect is Made in the USA
TireJect is 100% safe for your tire, rim and valve stem
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Non-hazardous, Non-corrosive, Non-toxic
  • Will not clog the valve stem
Off-Road Tire Sealant
  • Formulated for longer life to protect off-road tires from flats.
  • Seals larger punctures up to 3/8" in off-road tires.
  • Do not use with TPMS sensors, use our On-Road Automotive Tire Sealant for Cars, Trucks, SUVs
Looking for TPMS safe tire sealant?
Use TireJect's Automotive tire sealant formula that has been designed and tested to work with TPMS sensors.
What are Aramid fibers?
Aramid fiber is a high strength synthetic fiber most commonly known as Dupont™ Kevlar®
Download the TireJect MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet).
*Product contains natural latex which may cause allergic reaction in some people.
DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Tire Repair Dosage Guidelines (per tire)
Side-by-Side, ATV / UTV
Tires up to 27x9: 10oz
Tires up to 27x11: 12oz
Tires up to 29x11: 15oz
Tires up to 32x11: 20oz
Lawn mower
Rear tires up to 24x12: 10oz
Front tires up to 16x7: 5oz
Golf cart
Tires up to 18x8: 5oz
Small Compact Tractor
Rear tires up to 26x12: 14oz
Front tires: 6oz
Large Compact Tractor
Rear tires up to 32x14: 25oz
Front tires: 15oz
Tires up to 14x18: 10oz
Larger tires...
Use Dosage Calculator
Wheelbarrow, handcart, small tires
Large Tractor, Heavy equipment, etc...
Use Dosage Calculator

Customer Reviews

Based on 984 reviews
james M maloney (Middletown, US)

Compact Tractor Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit

Robert Zacharias (Valley City, US)
Really works!! Amazing

Did two skid steer tires and two gator tires with kit . One tire wouldn’t even hold air for a minute.
TireJect fixed them all and even sealed one up after I pulled a nail out of it 5 days later!!
Great product, it’s great not putting air in tires every day

J. Larry Klutts (Weatherford, US)

It works, great product.

Dale S (Upper Sandusky, US)
Easy and works great

I had a thorn in my UTV Tire, added Tireject, and presto, no more air leak. What I liked best is the ease of using it. The fluid flows easily into the valve stem, not like the green stuff I used to use.

Edward Picardi (Steubenville, US)
Didn't work

I had slow leaks on tires on my Sears 42 inch riding lawnmower. They go flat in about a week. Soapy water on the small front tire shows bubbles from invisible cracks. The rear tire has a hairline scrape on the side where I must have scraped against something. It also goes flat in about a week. Both innertubes would have cost about $30 but would have required me to remove the tires. So I spent almost $50 for this stuff. According to direction and tire size, I should have needed 5 oz. in the front tire and 10 oz. in the rear tire. I did exactly what the directions said and was surprised and disappointed that neither flat completely sealed. Still got bubbles with soapy water. So I used the rest of what I bought and put a total of 10 oz in the small front tire, and 20 oz in the larger rear tire. Neither tire completely stopped leaking. I put the tires on their sides with leak at the most dependent portion of the tire. Still no improvement. I hear the stuff slosh around inside.
Overall there is about a 40% improvement so the tires now go flat in about 12 days instead of 7. Next time, I will simply buy the cheaper inner tubes and go to the bother of removing the tires from the wheels. I would not recommend this product despite what is seen on youtube. Both tire leaks were well within what this company claimed would be stopped.