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  • Track Tire Dosage
  • Tire health notifications
  • Refill reminders
  • Dosage calculator
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View the dosage chart and use the dosage calculator for installing TireJect tire sealant. Track dosage on your equipment and receive notifications when its time to re-dose your tires. Never forget when and what tires have TireJect tire sealant installed. Our intelligent mobile app keeps track and sends you a notification when your tires need fresh tire sealant.
Dealer Installed TireJect Tire Protection Plan
Ask your dealer about pre-installing TireJect tire sealant into your tires. Authorized TireJect dealers offer the TireJect Tire Protection Plan. This plan includes pre-installed tire sealant for Guaranteed tire protection for 1 year.
TireJect™ is easy to install and permanently seals 3/8" punctures, slow leaks and bead leaks
  • Quick & easy to install with the sealant injector
  • Permanently plug punctures with Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber
  • Seal bead leaks
  • Seal stubborn slow leaks
Compare to old tire repair methods...
  • Installing tubes are time and labor intensive
  • Tire plugs can be unreliable and develop slow leaks
  • Tire patches are also time and labor intensive
  • Old traditional tire sealants are not permanent, messy and can cause future tire/rim issues
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