Press Release: TireJect now available in Canada!

Press Release: TireJect now available in Canada!

TireJect™ is the new way to fix and prevent flat tires and is now available in Canada with dealers stocking their shelves this Spring! TireJect’s™ innovative tire sealant is designed to fix and prevent flat tires caused by thorns, nails, screws and slow leaks. The sealant, made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, wedges into any leaks and liquid rubber permanently seals all areas of the tire from the inside – even the sidewall and bead.

Where can you buy TireJect™ in Canada? Start by visiting and navigate to the dealer section to search by entering your postal code. If your local dealer does not carry TireJect™ simply request it! TireJect™ is now carried by Kimpex, a major ATV parts distributor right in Canada, making TireJect™ readily available to dealers all over!

TireJect™ Tire Sealant is compatible with all off-road tubeless tires. The tire sealant is a 100% non-toxic/non-hazardous formulation that will not rust or deteriorate the rim and tire, in fact, TireJect™ is fully water soluble and cleans up with cold water and a cloth. You can learn more about TireJect™ Technology by watching demo videos on YouTube (, or by visiting the TireJect™ website ( Join the others who have discovered the solution to fixing and preventing flat tires and find a dealer near you that is now carrying TireJect™ products!


About TireJect™

TireJect™ is quickly becoming the market leader in Tire Sealant. Entering the market in 2008 with an innovative sealant applicator, TireJect™ uncovered the truth about the world of ineffective tire sealants. Not only do most all competing tire sealants not work effectively, they have also tarnished the reputation of what tire sealant products were meant to do, seal air leaks. That is exactly what TireJect™ set out to accomplish with TireJect™ Tire Sealant and they have solved all the problems faced by using traditional tire sealants.