Riding @ Rock Run Recreation

We attended and road at the Rock Run Recreation during the #summerblast event. This was our second time attending the event and first time riding there and they don’t call it Rock Run for nothing. The trails offer great views and a good mix of rather rocky and easier going trails.

I actually enjoyed some of the rocky areas for its more technical driving, but we also found a fantastic trail with slaloms, dips and windy turns that really gets the adrenalin going. There are also some scenic routes of the rolling hills and valleys – you are in the middle of nowhere Patton, PA.

The downside to rocky terrain is lots of flat tires and on Friday we literally had a line of ATVs and SxS that had everything from punctures to small ¼ - ½ inch slices. It was a great time educating new customers, helping fellow riders and hearing success stories from returning customers.

Thank you all for the support and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Brandon Ragan
Co-owner, TireJect.