Find out what Vegas ATV Adventures has to say about TireJect

Earlier this year TireJect road on some fantastic Vegas trails with At first we were a little worried this was going to be a touristy slow going ride through the desert... this was concerning because what we wanted was an adrenaline pumping ride and that’s exactly what we got!

At the start of the day (we chose to go in the morning before the scorching sun was to over bearing) we got picked up by a shuttle bus and rode with the owner, Steve for maybe a 30min ride out of the city. While headed out we, of course, started talking about flat tires and here is where we learned that every morning the routine at Vegas ATV Adventures was to air up all their leaky tires. With 16+ machines this is a time consuming task... that’s 64 tires to air up each morning!

When we arrived I took a closer look to find that most of the tires had at least 1 plug in them and some had 3 or more! So, to all the riders out there that tell us “…oh I just use plugs” or maybe claim the only way to fix a tire is with a plug... well the fact is plugs leak and TireJect fixes any leak, even failed plugs.

After seeing the tires first hand I assured Steve we could fix this problem and he was very excited to put an end to the daily routine of airing up the tires. He has since purchased 4 gallons (each gallon applicates 16 ATV tires). The 4 gallons of TireJect tire sealant was enough for all 64 tires on his 16 machines... and just as a quick side track comparison this would have taken 20 gallons of every other tire sealant on the market. We like to keep it simple and TireJect only needs 8oz per tire (for ATVs) which is 75% less than all our competitors.

The fun then begins and we hit the trails on our guided tour with the crew at Vegas ATV Adventures. We had a 1 hour reservation which goes by very fast. In the 1 hour tour you make it to a dry lake bed and drive on a section of the Mint 400 Track. You also hit some straightaways, but be careful the dust of the desert sand makes for poor visibility in a hurry. All-in-all it was a great experience with Vegas ATV Adventures, and if you get the opportunity to ride with these guys make sure you take it.

It was a great time riding with the Vegas ATV Adventure crew and sure made for an awesome story of riding and providing a solution to their flat tires... the direct quote from Steve’s review says it all...

“We have been so busy with ATV tours and thanks to your product our job has been made a little easier. We ride through Jean Dry Lake where there are tons of nails and our clients are helping the environment by picking them up 3-4 at a time. Since we started using TireJect airing up the tires every morning is a thing of the past. I 100 percent recommend TireJect for all off-road enthusiasts.”

We love hearing success stories from our customers and it provides motivation to continue on our mission of re-educating the market about our re-invented tire sealant. TireJect is a family owned Startup Company that is dedicated to helping fellow off-road enthusiasts and finally offer a solution to fixing and preventing flat tires. Ride on, my friends, ride on.

Thank you to all our existing customers out there and help us spread the word!

Brandon Ragan
Co-owner, TireJect.