TireJect used by racer in the Baja Portalegre 500!

TireJect used by racer in the Baja Portalegre 500!

Marco Silva races UTV's in the Baja Portalegre 500 and made the smart choice of installing TireJect to protect his tires from flats during his race. Earlier this week Marco and I had an email exchange about his great success using TireJect. He started out by thanking us for his recent win. At first I did not understand, but as I read his story it turns out that every rider in the race had to stop and replace flat tires except for Marco and one other racer.

The other racer that did not get a flat was running Tireballs, if you have not heard of these they are a difficult to install system of small inflated balls that are fitted inside the tire. The Tireball system requires you to de-mount the tire for installation and costs anywhere from $150 - 250 per tire! TireJect is only $8 - $15 / tire. Doing the math on this, riders running the old Tireball system pay up to $1000 for an inferior system that requires you to remove the tire from the rim for installation and replacement of failed Tireballs. Not only is the financial investment for Tireballs high, but so is the time investment.

Marco was smart and started riding TireJect for a fraction of the cost. Not only is TireJect less expensive it is also easier to install, easier to maintenance and best of all works. TireJect is the best performing tire sealant on the market without any of the draw backs of traditional tire sealants. TireJect will permanently fix and prevent flat tires with no tire balance issues or terrible sticky mess that is common with traditional tire sealants. Join the riders and racers that have discovered TireJect and put an end to your flat tire headaches!

Marco now swears by TireJect and will never race without TireJect tire sealant in his tires. Thank you Marco and congratulations on the win! We wish you the best of luck during the 2017 season!

Brandon Ragan