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Automotive Tire Sealant

Use TireJect on-road Automotive tire sealant to easily repair slow bead leaks and 1/4" tread punctures. TireJect is easy to install, safe for your wheels, will not cause tire vibration or balance issues. It is also water soluble for easy clean up and no mess during tire replacement.

How to fix bead leaks and puncture on cars and tucks:
  • Easily fix stubborn bead leaks
  • Repair tread punctures up to 1/4"
  • Emergency road side tire repair
  • Compact kit to easily carry in your vehicle when you need it most
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Automotive Tire Sealant
Compact Car/Sedan
Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit
Automotive Tire Sealant
Full-Size Truck & SUV
Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit
Automotive Tire Sealant
4oz Pouch Refill
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