Fix Flat Tires on Construction Equipment
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The larger the equipment the more expensive the tire. TireJect can save you thousands by repairing flat tires and reducing equipment downtime. TireJect is compatible with all tubeless tires on heavy equipment and construction equipment.

Estimate tire dosage on large equipment with our dosage calculator.
How to fix flat tires with TireJect:
  • Inject, re-inflate, drive.
  • Fix a flat tire caused by thorns, nails, screws in the sidewall or thread.
  • Fix slow leaks, bead leaks, cracked, dry rotted tires.
  • Permanently prevent flat tires for 12-18 months in low speed equipment.
  • Use way less tire sealant per tire, 1 gallon of TireJect is equivalent to 3 gallons of old traditional tire sealants.
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