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Permanent seal with liquid rubber Fix bead leaks Easy to install Highest rated
TireJect™ tire repair is faster and easier to install than any other product on the market. Easily fix common punctures, bead leaks, slow leaks, tire dry rot and cracks. If you have tried old traditional tire sealants and old tire repair methods without success it's time to switch to TireJect™ Tire Sealant. We have specifically designed TireJect™ tire sealant to be easy to install and to extend the life of your tires saving you time and money.
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Compact Car/Sedan
Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit
Full-Size Truck & SUV
Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit
Off-Road Tire Sealant
Single Tire Repair Kit
$21.99 - $29.99
Gallon Tire Sealant
Tire Repair Kit
Emergency Tire Repair Kit
Tire Sealant
Automotive Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit
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