Aftercare Tire Protection Warranty
Worry-free Flat Tire Protection by Aftercare and TireJect

Ask your dealer about Aftercare Tire Protection with TireJect Tire Sealant for your Off-Road vehicle. TireJect Tire Sealant is professionally installed by your dealer with an included 1 year renewable limited warranty.

With TireJect Tire Sealant installed, your tires will be protected from punctures and bead leaks for 1 year*. If you do get a flat tire covered by the warranty it will be repaired by your dealer and TireJect Tire Sealant will be re-installed. *See below for more information on coverage and exclusions details.

Inquire about Aftercare Tire Protection
What does the limited warranty cover?
Tread Punctures*
Sidewall Punctures*
Bead Leaks*
Warranty coverage details
  • Punctures caused by a pointed object 3/8 inch in diameter or less
  • Bead leaks (*exclusions apply)
Warranty exclusions*
  • Cuts, slices, tears or other tire damage that is not a puncture
  • Damage to a rim (for example: bent or damaged bead, cracked or pierced rim)
  • Tire damage that has torn or removed rubber material from the tire leaving a gap or hole of missing rubber
  • Damaged or leaky valve stem
  • *see additional details and conditions listed on the limited warrany contract