TireJect™ is the highest rated tire repair and flat prevention product on the market. TireJect is easy to install and is the only formula designed to permanently seal a tire. We use recycled rubber tire particles and high strength Aramid fibers to clot the puncture or leak and liquid rubber is what bonds to the tire for a permanent seal (read more).
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Full Tire Coverage with TireJect™ Off-Road Tire Sealant
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Bead Leaks Slow Leaks Punctures up to 3/8”*
Tread and Sidewall* Tire dry rot*
Best Tire Sealant - Highest Customer Satisfaction - Guaranteed
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Other cool things about TireJect™
  • TireJect is Family owned and made in the USA.
  • We are riders and enthusiasts - we truly get the pains felt with flat tires, no corporate suits in our offices.
  • We love technology and integrate it into what we do - TireJect has a mobile app to make it easier for you to remember what vehicles and which tire you installed sealant into.
  • Are you a dealer? - ask us about our Tire Protection Plan and pre install TireJect with all your vehicles for the very best customer experience - use what your customers are talking about online.