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Pencil Air Gauge
Lobo 1211 (Clarkston, US)
Excellent Product

I have many pencil air gauges. The best ones are like this gauge, they are marked so they are easy to read. You would think that would be a no-brainer for the mfg, but you'd be wrong.

Almost A Week!!!

I used this product and for one week things were great!! ... and then one morning "Uh Ohhh" my tire pressure dropped and continued to drop throughout the day ... when I returned to my car, it was reading 10 lbs of air ... so now I'm back ... maybe I didn't have enough product ... maybe the dosage wasn't correct so I'll try a larger amount and hope for the best .... UNTIL I can buy new tires!!!

Excellent Product

This is my 2nd time buying product. I've used other products but NONE of them worked as well as this does. The ability to seal RIM LEAKS is what sold me on the product. Would like to see you offer individual Co2 cartridges for the different products.

Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit
Mark Douglas (Jonesboro, US)
Wicked stuff!!

I’ve used everything on the market but tireject blows them away!!! I just received my 4th gallon, I’ve been using it for the past 2-3 years and I was sold on it immediately!! I’ve literally pulled nails and screws out of car and truck tires put in about 10oz and air it back up, put it back in service and never have to take it to a tire shop! Best stuff ever!!! It works as advertised!!! Hooked on it for life now!!

Tire Plug Tool Kit
David Hughes (Richardson, US)
ATV tires

This stuff is great and easy to use. Used TireJect in my ATV’s tires. Like it so much I bought some truck tire TireJect to carry with me in case it’s needed!

It really does what it says

This product is amazing... It was kinda hard to squeeze product through the little tube that comes with the kit but other than that I am satisfied ...I plan on ordering some more great product

Automotive Tire Sealant Refill Pouch

Automotive Tire Sealant Refill Pouch

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Terry Tillman (Baton Rouge, US)

i had plugged my atv three time but it leaked down after 4 or 5 hours, when I put in Tireject it has not gone down in 5 days so far

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Marika Sinitsas (Grants Pass, US)
Great product

Have a mud tire that has a large gash that was plugged with around 10-15 plugs..would slowly leak out over a week or so..put the tireject in it and it sealed completely, no leak what soo ever, great product

Products did not work tires stayed up for two days then lost most of the air

I had two slow leaks in two tires that for months I would have to add air every week or two. I couldn't find any punctures so I just assumed they were from the valves. I used this product in both tires and although I still checked the air pressure for a while after that, there was no more loss of air and it's been at least 10 months and counting. Great product and great customer service if you need assistance.

Lawn Mower Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Gary Addison (Jacksonville, US)

works great

Tire Sealant Injector - Sealant Applicator
Ralph Stinson (Mattapoisett, US)
TireJect 6oz

Used on a 2011 Cadillac DTS. All 4 tires. Works as advertised. No problems with balance or sensors. Very pleased. Had years of fustration with air leaking and now perfectly fine.

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Teddy Brown (Saraland, US)
Great product

I had my doubts but now I am a believer. Just made my second order!

Automotive Tire Sealant Refill Pouch
Mark Leininger (Chicago, US)
Solved a long standing problem

I have two tractors that have had slow leaks in a few tires for years. Tried changing the tire, buffing the rim, even had an industrial tire place put on a new tire. Had to add air every week or two. It's been a month since adding TireJect and haven't had to pump up one tire. It also stopped a slow leak in a tire plug I used last year, I could see the colored stuff staining the tire for a few days, then the leak stopped. I bought more to put in one of our cars that has aluminum rims, it's been leaking air for years.

Automotive Emergency Tire Repair Kit
Jim Boothe (Atlanta, US)
Great product

I haven’t had to use the emergency kit yet, but have been running TireJect in tractor tires for a while, seems to do the job

Great tire sealant

This sealant was easy to dispense and moved around well once it was inside the tire.

Small puncture

Got home from trail riding and found my tire low. Found the leak, researched and found Tire Ject on YouTube. Worked great after I received it. No issues since. Shipping could have been a little faster, but that could be USPS fault.

Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit
Jason Wiebe (Durham, US)
not quite what I thought

This is my second gallon of tireject. I put most of my first gallon in a large tire with a slow bead leak and I think it fixed that one. I put some in small mower deck tires and it's helped a lot. But haven't had good luck with 4 wheeler tires. The first one I was disappointed with was a plug in the sidewall of a tire that leaked. It would keep leaking, and I did add extra tireject because I wasn't sure how much it had lost. I didn't see much come out, just a little. The second one that didn't work was on a 4 wheeler tire with a small hole that it didn't seal. It leaked slowly so took air out and put tireject in and ran it that way. Today I noticed the tire extremely low on air and put air in it. This hole was in the tread area and when I put it down tireject does come out. I will put a plug in.

Senior mechanic

Excellent product so far. Did everthing they advertised. Repaired some older lawn mower ties that had some serious dry rot and all are holding air very well at this time. I will buy again!!


Tireject is a very great and awesome product. Had a broken branch get logged in the sidewall of my mule tire put tireject in 2 weeks ago and still holding pressure.

Great stuff!

I’m on my 6th gallon of TireJect. I’m putting it in all my equipment tires around the farm. Easy to install and working great! I recommend highly!

Off-Road Tire Sealant Refill Pouch
Lou (Murfreesboro, US)
Tire sealant review

Stopped tire leak. Would use again.

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
DeeBangs (Vancleave, US)
Repeat customer for great product

I was beach-n about having to replace my dry rotted tires on my 15 year old craftsman riding mower and a friend told me about TireJet, I tried it and have since got it for my utility trailer, wheelbarrow and ATV. Highly recommend this product.

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit

so far so good