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Based on 588 reviews
Seems to be working

I bought this for a slow leak in our truck tire, and since using it it seems to have done the trick. The biggest problem with our tires is that we don't use our vehicles much, thus they seem to just deflate after a while, now that we have this, we shouldn't be having to air up our tires all the time when we want to go somewhere.

Did not get time to use it yet

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Off-Road Tire Sealant Refill Pouch


Best sealer ever.I highly recommend it.I give it a 5 star


Bummer. You have to refill. After. A bit. Should be a one time fill


I had a slow leak in two of my tires, and didn't want to spend a fortune to replace all the tires because the treads on all tires were still in good condition. So I looked up some cheaper, but quality solutions and I found the automotive tire sealant at TireJect. So far so good! The sealant has sealed the slow leaks and held up in doing so. I am satisfied with the outcome of this purchase 👍

ATV must have

I ride way back in the mountains of WV. I used to have a slow leak I could never fix due to a defect in the rim. I saw this product at the Harrisburg Outdoor show. Bought it and put it in ATV tires. Worked flawless for 16 months and 2600 miles on the trail. Just bough new tires and added it once again. I am sold it. It works perfectly.


When I tried to fill the pump from the Gallon jug it spilled all over. You should include a pour spout that would fit into the end of the pump. Next time I will use my tireJet I'll transfer first from jug into a can. Pouring straight from jug is a no no!

Just great stuff!

I bought this for my bobcat that had a large hole in one tire. The tire had two plugs in the same hole and it leaked bad! Surprise! I installed this and now it's sealed! I will use it again!

So far so good

Had some leaking front casters tires on my zero turn mower. Added 5oz of TireJect per tire and it seems to be working great!

Fixed problem and super easy!

Really easy to use and did the job perfectly

moffet tires

put tireject in 3 tires del brick to job sites so far so good have not run over anything sence i put tireject in the tires time will tell

Flat free now

Trouble is gon

Amazing stuff

The tire I used TireJect on had a one eighth of an inch wide by about one half inch long slit in the side of the tire. Poured it in and rotated until the blue TireJect stopped coming out and it held air. This stuff really works good!


Rode in the desert and noticed both front tires had slow leaks....purchased 4 pack and pump, did both front tires and filled with air. It has been over a week and seem to be holding air ok.....I will continue to keep an eye on them but so far I am happy with results.

So far so good!

We'll see how it does against a season of Bradford pear tree thorns but my tires were already suffering from them. This stuff saved me from what I was sure would be 4 new tires on my side by side. Excellent product so far!

3/8” bolt hole

Tireject worked as described, my tractor tires are are very large and expensive so I thought I would try this after running over a 3/8” bolt, it sealed the hole and I was back in business thanks Tireject

it worked!

I monitored one of my beadlocks for a few months and I consistently dropped 4lbs per week. After TireJect I monitored for another couple of weeks and have seen 0 drop in pressure. Stuff works - I put in all 4 tires of my Side by Side and will do it again!

Worked when nothing else would.

Been loosing air in 2 tires every morning for over a year. Had taken to 3 tire places to fix the problem. They said could not find a leak. Find this searching on web figured give it a try. Been in tires for almost 2 weeks haven't lost 1 pound of air! Saved me from buying new rims at 500 each!

Great gauge

Nice tire gauge works well wish it went higher than 30psi


So far I love this product it has saved me both time and money.

Installing TireJect

Installing TireJect was simple and easy . The product is useable with tire air pressure measuring devices like I use on my RV. Hopefully I shall not have to change a tire on my RV again for the life of the tire. The product flowed in easily and quickly.