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Based on 760 reviews
Saved Me Money

Great product. Purchased it to fix tractor tires that were leaking. I was unable to find the leak. Put Tireject in them and they have been good to go for 18 months now. Just purchased another gallon just in case any other tires need it. Products is well worth the money.

Happy Customer

Used it in my lawn tractor. I have mesquite trees in my backyard and the branch’s have thorns on them. Every now and then running over them would puncture the tire and would have a slow leak. But TireJect took care of that problem. Would highly recommend this product.

Works great

Had atv tire that were a lose cause but tireject extended there life

Stopped 2 rim leaks on my jeep wrangler

After several off road trips I started to slowly loose air out of two of my Jeep Wrangler Nitro Trail Grappler tires. I was tired of removing the tires, breaking the seal, cleaning and remounting the tires. After two weeks the tire jet bead sealer has still held up.

Tire sealer

Looks good still holding air on the atc rear tires.

Dry rotted side by side tires.

Kubota 500 SBS tire would not hold air at all. Put 10oz in tires and they have all been holding air for over a week now. Great stuff! I bought a gallon to use in case of another need or emergency. Thanks!

Good stuff I tell you....

Used in all riding mower tires, and the trailer tires too. No more flats, that nobody wants to repair....they say you have to buy new tire. Bunk, I say. Tireject seals leaks and holds air one season to the next. Love this stuff

Impressive Results with TireJect!

I had a wheel on my Infiniti FX50S that wasn’t sealing properly at the bead. The wheel had been repaired after curb damage and 2 previous sets of tires were not leaking at the bead, however- after getting a new set of tires, this particular rim started to. After extensive research on how to get a permanent and quality seal at the bead, I decided to side-step the easily accessible, but inferior products at my local auto store and purchase this product that was highly rated online. I followed the instructions and since adding the required dosage, the tire psi has not dropped, nor lost any air. (At times prior to adding TireJect, the tire lost up to 20 psi overnight.) Very impressed with this result and will absolutely 100% use in the future if needed.

It works

I was surprised but it works. Used it on a motorcycle bead leak. Been over a year and still going strong. Before this 2 brand new tires were leaking 8-10 pounds a day.

Did not work

Did not fix small side wall leak. Had to buy new tire.

It’s easy and it works

It’s easy and it works. Tried it on two light trailer tires. And two ATVs. Simple, Easy to use. Water soluble cleanup, Easy storage. I found great YouTube videos on use of product. I’ll be making another order after Christmas expenses. I have used other products before. This appears to be the best one so far of my first time use in oct 2019 .

Texas Thorns

This stuff works great!

So Far So Good

I used TireJect in all four tires where I've experienced slow tire leakage over many months, 2 of my tires worse than the others and would lose over half their pressue in approximately a week. After using TireJect, all four tires appear to be holding their pressure and I have not had to add air since. So far so good! I really hope this continues to hold true!

Automotive Tire Sealant - Full-Size Truck & SUV - Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit

So far, so good!

Put this in a self-propelled chopper tire, and so far, it is holding up well! Great product as long as it continues working.

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit

great anti-cactus medicine, i hunt and ride my ATV in an area with loads of cactus, this stuff works, have not had to air up a single tire this whole season

Great product fixed my tire that was leaking around the bead The local tire shop couldn’t fix it. I am very pleased

Looks good

Haven’t had to use it yet

Tireject vs Slime

I had a sidewall leak in my 30 x 10 x 14 UTV tire with a beadlock that slime would not stop but I removed slime & added a 20 ounce TireJect & tire is holding air & not leaking. Saved me the purchase of a new tire!


Worked better then any product that I have ever used before.

So far as good as advertised

Have used it in 3 tires so far and have instantly sealed them up.

Excellent product!! Great Service!!

I finished my first gallon, and after a year, I am ordering my second — big time saver.

Works great

Easy to do so far so good. No leaks. We will see how it lasts. Have enough left over for another application.