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Best stuff I've used

It very easy to use with the injection syringe. Every tire I used it in three weeks ago shows no sign of air pressure loss. I highly recommend this product. Don't waste your time with the cheaper stuff, this product will save you money.

It works

It works like they claim it does! I've used this in the past on ATV tires and need more, so I bought the gallon jug this time around. I got tired of punctures on ATVs on the ranch. It's really easy to use and clean up is just water. Highly recommend this product.

have to install every year

tireject seemed to work well as advertised however I didn't realize it only remained functional for one year, I thought this was a permenant fix

Great Product

Quick delivery, easy to install and best of all NO more bead leaks!

Lawnmower front tire sidewall crack

TireJect re[aired a lawnmower tire that had been sitting flat for about 5 years with about a 3 inch slit on the sidewall, had to put in 6 ounces but it worked. Great product,


This stuff works good this the second time I have used it on my farm.

Worked so far for me

I had two tires on my Kubota RTV that would lose air. They are older and have cracks in the sidewalls, but the tread is still great so I wanted to salvage them, if possible. The leak wasn’t constant. Sometimes they would for for weeks without losing air, other time just days. Saw a video on TireJect and decided to give it a try. Since this vehicle is a farm vehicle and not driven at highway speeds, I thought it was worth the try since replacement tires are over $400 for a set. Installed it in both tires last week. So far, they are both holding air with no reduction in tire pressure. Extremely satisfied at this time.

Off-Road Tire Sealant - Single Tire Repair Kit

Fantastic Product

I have an old rider mower that even with new tires leaked. I broke the wheel mount, so it was either patch the leak or get a new mower. I tried other tire sealants but it did not work. I used TireJect and was amazingly surprised at how quick and effective a solution it is! Works great, I put it in all other 3 tires and considering doing the same for my car.


This product works just as it is advertised. Great for Gator, Mower, any tire!

Good Stuff

Used it in my ATV tire, worked great!


It worked as it said it would

Fantastic priduct!

I cut an ATV rear tire sidewall when the tire went flat when towing a trailer. I took the tire off, applied Tireject and rolled the tire around to distribute the product throughout the sidewall area. I really wasn't expecting it would work, but the tire is holding air and the ATV has been ridden over numerous trails without incident. This stuff works!

It works

Used it on my John Deere riding mower last week on a rear tire that would go flat within a day. After a week its still properly inflated.


I'm a first time user of this product. I was a little sceptical at first but thought that if it works it's a lot cheaper than a new tire. My wheeler sat for a couple years in storage. The tires were flat and weather checked. They were all leaking air. I bought the kit and I'm very impressed with the product.
I've never had any luck with any other tire sealant. But I'd recommend this one. And I'd keep it in any kit for off roading! Great product and worked as advertised!



I did a lot of research on You Tube and reviews of multiple products and decided on TireJect. I have installed it on my 15 year old rim with a bead seal leak for 4 days now and no air pressure drops. I am "Impressed"

Great customer service

Had the pleasure of speaking with Matt recently and he was more than helpful. He took the time to also explain in more detail how the product actually works. Being an avid rider of the Hatfield & McCoy Trails, this product is an extra insurance policy every rider should have. Thanks again!

It works very well on all types and sizes of tubeless tires.

I am on my 2nd gallon. I have used it on a toy wagon, riding mower, garden cart, an ATV, and an off road only Jeep. i am going into my second year since the first application and everything is still holding air from a year ago. My most recent application was to an ATV wheel that had two pin holes in the very upper part of the wheel. I wasn't sure if the TireJect would ever reach the inner wheel. I filled the tire with the proper amount of TireJect and then filled the tire with air. I then bounced the tire about a dozen times and rotated the tire with each bounce. I immediately sprayed over the pin hole areas with soapy water and it had already completely sealed the hole. Several weeks have passed with no loss of air pressure.

Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit

Buy with confidence

Good product and company. Exactly as described. Fast shipping. Easy to use. Completely sealed damaged front tire on riding mower. Has held up for a couple of weeks fine so far, where it was leaking flat in 24 to 30 hours.

To many slow leaks

I have a landscape business and countless tires. Always picking up some kind of nail or what ever. I’ve tried putting plugs to repair slow leaks with no luck. This is the first time trying tire ject. I purchased enough to do one trailer tire and three mower tires. So far I’ve had no air loss.

Thank You OLF,wasnt for your video of u and your dad shooting a tire rolling down a hay feild hill,and shooting 2 12ga,shotguns with no,2 and 00 buck shot i would have never found or heard about tire ject,i took my hum vee radial 37 x 12.5 x 16.5 tire with 2 8 guauge finish nails to place to get mounted,use 20oz of tire ject guys at place that stuff aint gonna bla bla bla,guess what it works still holding 25psi GREAT STUFF,and the guage it cool l looking and works

Repaired bead leak

Had a bead leak around rim and put this in and drive around for about 30 min and sealed properly.

Old Case Tractor Tire

I have a Case backhoe from the 70's with what looks like original tires on it. The are old, scared, dry rotted, and have big chunks of rubber missing. One of the large rear tires was loosing pressure so I decided to try tireject. I followed the dosage instructions for the amount needed. It didn't work right away as it was leaking around the bead but when I drove it around for a while it sealed up just fine. I would definitely buy this stuff again.

Lawn Mower Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit