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Based on 631 reviews

This stuff is great!! Fixed a cracked tire.

works great

Its been 2 weeks dry rotted sidewalls on tires holding air great

Good So Far

So far so good.

5 Stars for the Sealant, but 4 Stars for the Tire PSI Gauge

Your Off-Road Sealant worked extremely well on a really old Dunlop Mudder tire on my '94 Isuzu Trooper hunting vehicle. It stopped a slow, irritating pressure leak that was likely related to a degree of Dry-Rot. However, I should have paid closer attention to the PSI range on the gauge I also purchased... I'm not sure why such a seemingly precise instrument would even be offered these days with a max reading capability of 30 psi.... That's an extremely limited application for my equipment. Thanks, BarryC

Automotive Tire Sealant - Full-Size Truck & SUV - Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit

It works as advertsed great stuff

i bought this for my son he always a tire going flat in about 3 days put the tireject in and the problem was solved will definatly buy again.

Great stuff

This stuff fixed my tractor tires!


Had 2 lawn mower tires with cuts in the side wall. I applied the tireject and both are holding air. It is a whole lot cheaper than buying new tires. It is very easy to use.

I am impressed with your product! I heard about it on YouTube. Onelonelyfarmer turned me on to it and so far I am very satisfied with the product and would recommend it.

First time user

I like it and will never use the other one again.


This stuff really, really works!!


Tried this as an experiment on my land full of mesquite thorns and other thorny bushes for my lawn tractor and garden cart. Easy to use and so for working great. That's why I ordered more.

TireJect on TUBliss dirt bike system

I mounted a MOTOZ Arena Hybrid on the rear of my Husky FC250. TUBliss system has worked great for me with every other tire I have used. This time the bead had slow leaks on both sides. Tried several suggestions including tire slime. Nothing worked. After taking the tire off AGAIN and cleaning up the mess from the Slime. I remounted the tire and it still leaked around the bead. I ordered TireJect after reading a review online. Worked on the first try. Very easy to install. Rode the bike around a few minutes after adding TireJect as suggested. Problem solved. I have raced the bike twice since then with no more leaks. I will keep some on hand in my shop from now on.

Great product that works with clear instructions on how to use and tools that help eliminate any messes.

tractor flat

I have used tireject before n my lawn tractor no problem for almost a year. This time used it in the front wheel of my utility tractor. Took less than 15 minutes to get the tireject in and inflated the tire. Drove it for a few minutes the tire has stayed inflated. Great product. Had to have a service come out and fix the tire on the other side when it went flat out in the field. That cost $100. Tireject saved me money too.

Great product

This was real easy to use. I was having problems with slow leaks in 2 tires and they do not mlm leal now. Saved me from having to buy a couple of new ones

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit

Saved me some money

Used tireject to stop air leakage on two front lawn tractor tires that I re-purposed for use on a small pull behind trailer for my current lawn tractor. Product sealed the air leaks and now I don't have to refill the tires every time I want to use the trailer. Could have used another red valve stem cap as only one was sent. The dosage chart was a little bit confusing too.

Amazing product

Side by side. Two flats. Back working again.

Lawn mower tire sealant

Easy and quick to inject in tires no mess easy cleanup. So far so good, tires still holding air. Would recommend

Just as advertised.

I do a lot of riding on a farm and in the woods.punctured tires happen regularly.this stuff works great! Easier to use than the the green stuff. It cleans up a lot faster with just water,and no big mess.tire gauge a lot harder to loose than factory one.

Sidewall leak

Saved $$ by sealing sidewall leak in tractor tire. Easy fix.

Still Holding Air

Very pleased with TireJect. Used it on my lawnmower tires. Two of the three tires would lose pressure slowly over a week’s time. One tire in particular used to lose pressure within a day. It’s been over 30 days now and all the tires, even the worst one, are still holding full pressure since using TireJect.