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Based on 401 reviews
So far so good

It is performing wonderfully. No more dragging out the pump before going to mow. Thinking about putting it in the tires that have no leaks as a preventive measure.

Haven't tried it yet

Great product

I was told about your product from my brother, and I looked up the product on the internet. I found clips on YouTube, and was even more sure I wanted this product. The price scared me a bit, but on the video, it said the product wasn't cheap. Tires are not cheap for equipment. Fighting with tires that are leaking, because they have a 3/8s hole in it waste a lot time also. So I bought the gallon, and followed the directions, except I used 15oz. instead of the lower amount suggested. Product worked perfect. I used it on my skidsteer, so you know the abuse that kind of tire takes. Great product, thank you.

Great stuff

I will never buy other tire stuff again. I have used it on 3 tires so far and worked great.

Great stuff

So far so good it’s been 15 days ll buy again

small engine shop central il

good product worked every time. will be ordering more.

still leaking?

Rear tire on riding tractor is 23X8.6. I installed the 10 oz. Tireject material yesterday PM and this Am it appears that the slow leak is still there. My gauge is not working so I'm going by appearance and hand pressure only. This is a new tire/valve which went flat within a month of 1st use, so rather than going back to the dealer, I used Tireject. Should have new gauge by 10/12/18 and I can evaluate leak better then

Great Product and Excellent Company

I've used ( like everyone else ) all types of sealants for tires , but this really does work! Super easy to install and cleanup (if you spill some accidently) it immediately solved the leaks in our ATV tires. Try This product, You wont be disappointed.

Great product

Used the product on an atv tire which had a razor thin cut in the sidewall and leaks around the bead. Took about 5 minutes from start to finish to use. All the leaking areas were sealed up after about 20 of riding and have held up to heavy use in the past few weeks.

Dennis Morgan - Texas

Not totally pleased yet. Some of the product had leaked out of the cap during transit. Put in 2 atv tires. Put 8-10 ounces in tire with leaking plug, road for 30 minutes. leaks down slowly but better than before. put in yard cart. stopped this small tire leak. does the product possibly dry out with leaking cap or lose some of its properties. Thanks, Dennis

Hi, Dennis. Thank you for your review. We already contacted you directly over email but wanted to reply publicly to the review on our site. To answer your question about the leaking cap, as long as the tire sealant is still liquid in the pouch it should not be affected. As we noted over email TireJect will always seal an air leak in the tire. If you do not see any tire sealant on or around the suspected leaky plug and you have the correct dosage installed then its possible that the leak is coming from the valve stem. I recommend using a spray bottle with soap and water to try and find the leak location.
Not sure yet

I've had the Tireject in my Ford 5000 tires for 2 weeks now. 2 of my tires went flat after the first weekend. I aired them back up tightened valve stems (just in case) and immediately drove it around for another 5-10 minutes. As of now, all 4 tires are holding air since this 1 fill up. I have a lot of honey locust trees that I have been running over so my front tires were pretty shot when I put tireject in. Time will tell how good this stuff is. Initial cost is pretty high which is why I'm only rating 3 stars at this point.

Good so far

I put 5 oz in each of the front tires on my atv. The atv is 32 years old and the rims aren't the greatest. I was able to get a seal and they are still holding up after a week.

Superior Product

Products that work the first time are sometimes very rare. I can say without reservation that TireJect worked for me the first time I used it. Follow the directions. Give it some time to do its' job and you'll be pleased with the result.

I will definitely continue to use this product. I have already informed friends and people I meet about this product. Well done!

More Tireject

Liked the first gallon, so ordered another.

Tire Repair:

I am well pleased with your product.. Will recommend to everyone. I ran over something mowing outside my yard in the pasture next to yard fence. Had a gash about one fourth inch long in my back tire. Put in the TireJect drove lawn mower around a few times. Worked like a charm. Also, kit instructions were good. Am an elderly lady and was able to do everything myself. Thank you for having a good product. J Mitchell

Worked like a charm!

Excellent product thank you! Will be recommending it to friends and family.

Filled in the lawn tractor equivalent of the Grand Canyon.

My father in law gave me a Cub Cadet 3000 series shaft driven lawn tractor that has set up for over 8 years. Done the normal, rebuild the carb, stripped the machine down to the frame and went over everything. It was worth it, the tractor only had 52 hours on it. But the tires! The had dry rot cracks I could just about put my fist into. Researched everything but the Vatican to find a new set of the huge tires it had installed on it. They just done exist and all tubes are a no go. Saw this product on 65ford's YouTube channel. Bought it, used it and never looked back. Been in over two weeks and not a pound lower. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

Holding up

It’s been couple of weeks and no leak so far. It stops the slow leak on one of my tire. Good product.

Automotive Tire Sealant - Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit

ordered from florida and am super pleased

i ordered my tireJect for my car that has 16” tires and my order came super quick - the price was great and the product is TREMENDOUS !!!
it is really easy to use & it is 1,000,000
times better than any other flat repair/fix products available on the market

the key difference here is that TireJect does not throw the rim/tire assembly you utilize it in
out of balance (when you use it per the directions enclosed)
this product is my “go to solution” i’m going to keep it in every vehicle in our household along with a LiL 12v air compressor

This product is truly THE BEST
im super impressed
Thank You so so much TireJect

-andy a. (tampa,fl)


I have had a slow leak on my lawn mover tire for awhile, I had plugged it , and just got used to filling with air before I started cutting, I then tried Tireject which was very easy to apply before I cut the yard. Takes me about a hour and half to complete. It has been 4 days since I cut the lawn and the tire is still holding air. I am sold on this product and will use it again if needed.

Works Great!!

I have spent a year, with visits to four different tire shops, dealing with a persistent slow leak in one tire on my F-250. Finally, a product that really works!!!

Good job tire fix and

Your product was easy, neat,effective. Let’s see how it goes through the winter.

For 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue... tires beads leaking

I do believe this product works in certain circumstances. We purchased enough to put in our 1999 Olds Intrigue (4 tires). If you own one of these that have the chrome coated rims, you know the beads leak as the coating peels. We were hoping to avoid replacing the rims. The TireJect definitely works at some level however we still experience the tires losing air. The car has new tires and valve stems. We are going to add a bit more TireJect to each tire and see if we can make this a permanent fix. The car has 233,000 and we are trying to avoid spending a lot of money as the car will be ready for junk yard in a few short years. Product does seal to some extent... hoping to make it work permanently!

Hi Kimberly, thank you for your review. It really depends on how bad the peeling is around your rim and how big your tires are. Maybe send a picture to our customer support team at so we can help make a better suggestion. But, It's possible that an additional 2oz per tire is required for your tire size and if the bead is leaking on both sides all the way around the rim.