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Platform Truck

I have a platform truck for moving multiple 50 lb. bags around the warehouse. The 8 inch tires constantly lost pressure and dry rot was causing cracking. I added TireJect sealant and now the tires are like new. Great Product!

Worked on rotted sidewall! (Missing valve stem tool, but still great)

I have an old Camaro that has been sitting for six years. The tires are 12 years old. One rotted out and went flat. It would not hold air at all. I want to keep these tires on while I strip the car to bare metal and do body and paintwork: no point getting new tires trashed while I do that. The Tireject worked perfectly: it's been a week and the tire still holds air like new! I did not receive the valve stem tool in my order, so I had to run out and buy one, but no big deal. This stuff works! (Just double check that everything is there before you add it to your emergency kit.) I intend to buy a kit for all my vehicles, especially my 4WD rig. Thanks!

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Joe Glosson (Austin, US)
A Sealant That Really Works

I've been using TireJect for several years and that's why I put it in my new John Deere riding lawnmower. It is simple to use. I suggest using some nitrile gloves should you get some on you like I did. So simple, remove the core from the valve stem with the core remover. Install the amount of TireJect you want per tire. Reinstall the valve core back in the stem. Air up the tires and then I take the mower for a spin to get a coat on the inside of the tires. I'll drive in tight circles to slosh the mixture all around in the tires. I do the two front tires and then the two rear tires. Doesn't take long at at. Great stuff. I originally started using TireJect because I had two tires leaking at the beads. Fixed it completely in about 10 minutes.

Riding lawn mower

Well I gotta say I truly love this product!!! Just used on my truck tires and worked GREAT. So…..I figured I’d try on my riding lawn mower. Once again worked great!!! It’s been close to a month and still holding air.

Lawn Mower Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Johnnie Linville (Charleston, US)
Done deal

Really done the job

Worked the first time

Had a tractor tire that had Been fixed twice and would still deflate. Added the tireject as instructed and drove around for a minute or two. After a few turns of the tire, you could see the tireject coming out of the space where they had plugged the tire. Almost immediately the liquid stopped coming out and now the tire stays inflated. Been driving around on the tire since and no more leaks!!

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Monty Griffeth (Houston, US)
Great stuff

Had a brand new tub tire with a rather large hole that a plug just wouldn’t hold air. Put this product in all 4 tires and the one that leaked has so far held 10 lbs of air for 2 weeks counting!

Works great

I've been using it for a few years now. Awesome product. Used from lawn mowers to my off road Jeep. Got the farm mechanic hooked on it before the sale of the property. It's worked in every tire I've put it in.

Great Product

We had about six pinholes in both of our zero-turns front tires. TireJect quickly sealed all the leaks and seems to be holding up well. It's much easier to clean up after use than other products we've tried which is a big plus.


Worked great, will be buying more. No more adding air every week to mow my yard!

Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit
Robert Gustwiller (Defiance, US)
.Tire Jet is most awesome

Tire Jet is most awesome money saving way to keep my lawnmower going

time will tell on tireject

Well, first I spilled because TIREJECT pours like water . I used it on my riding lawn mower ,filling the tireject syringe tube provided. It appear to work but over night the tire when flat. Repeated the process again and so far its holding air after 4 days. I have mixed feelings because I had to repeat the process.

Easiest to use!

I have tried multiple tire sealers including green slime and Amerseal. They are all thick, messy and difficult to pump in through valve stem. TireJect is thin, very easily flows through valve stem and cleans up easily with paper towel and a little water. Seals leaks in tires quickly. Highly recommended!!

Works great

Works great, seal bead leaks between rubber and pealing chrome rims.

It worked perfectly to seal a tire bead leak. It saved me a lot of money compared to buying one or more new rims - which is what the tire store recommended!

Automotive Tire Sealant Refill Pouch
Joshua L. (Boones Mill, US)
Holds air no matter what

After repairing bad leaks the treated tires never leak again. The first one I repaired with TireJect over a year ago still doesn't need to be topped off with air. This is just as good being a preventative treatment instead of waiting for a flat tire to happen. Great stuff!

Tire saver

This stuff is the Bees Nees, Best tire product out there there. I had leaking beed leaks on my argo these tires are 15 years old an this stuff worked its magic on them. There still holding air two years later. I put Tire Jet in my Rokon Ranges 20 year year old tires an this stuff sealed them up no leaks. I'm a true believer of your product. Tire Jet has saved my bacon several times now. I cary a four pack of 40 ounces with me just in case. Thank you.

Works great!

I bought this for m riding lawnmower, and it works great if you read the instructions and pay attention. I recommend this item.

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Shane Schmidt (Austin, US)

We love this stuff. Have it in several of our machines.

Automotive Tire Sealant Refill Pouch
Jerry D. Miller (Worthing, US)
Good product

It is a great product, but the hose on the plunger does tend to come off, so use extra care when filling the tires.

Awesome stuff

Nothing like it. Have used it b4. And luv it. Always wrks and easy to use. Fabulous!!

Lawn Mower Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit
Ory McDonald (Boiling Springs, US)
TireJect worked when all others failed!!!

After having my house roofed; I started getting flat tires on my mower. You guessed it, roofing nails. I tried patching & plugging; but to no avail. Then I saw TireJect advertised on the computer & decided to try it. I have repaired 7 flat lawn mower tires with TireJect. I am hooked. Great product, I couldn't be happier. Thanks TireJect.

Automotive Tire Sealant Refill Pouch
Marsha (Middletown, US)
Amazing product!

Put 8 oz of TireJect into my SUV tire, after putting in multiple plugs which still leaked. TireJect sealed it right away. A few months later, after winter, the tire was a little low with a slow leak in the same place, so put in another 4 oz. Sealed and holding strong! Saved me the expense of a new tire. :)

Plain and simple.

This stuff works, period.