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Based on 466 reviews
tire sealant

this is the best tire sealant I have ever used

Cheap Insurance

I've broken a valve stem when wheeling my Jeep and my only option at the time was to use the spare tire. No more! The Colby Valve will make quick work of getting yourself out of a bind in far less time than changing a tire.

standing mower

works great on sidewalls. I nick them going through narrow gates. The refill that I did on one the tires is still holding and that is 2 seasons old since I did it.

easy 2 use

[ put valve stem at top of tire before you start] let air out put product in very easy to use works great

Tire Sealant Refill Pouch

Great product

Plugged sidewall always leaked installed product as per instructions and so far 5 days and no leak

Haven’t used it yet.

Slow leak

Just put tire eject in a tire which had a 7 day slow leak due to thorns, day 2 still holding.

Works Great

I put TireJect in my ATV tires a couple of weeks ago, no more leaks. The tires are 10 years old and I was about to buy new tires, going to put that off for awhile. Great product

Good product

I had a tire on 4 wheeler that had a hole from large thorn. The product was much thinner than I had expected, however, it did the job of sealing the hole and the tire is holding air and I am back in operation!


works good so far has not been very long since i put it in the tire

Great product for a slow bead leak (so far)

I've used the automotive tire sealant to seal a slow bead leak on some older winter tires. The rims (8 years old) have gotten a bit rusty after 8 seasons with the tons of salt and calcium chloride they put on the roads here in the area (Ontario, Canada). One of the tires developed a slow bead leak that lost about 10 psi in 3 days. After applying Tireject as per directions, the pressure in the tire has now been stable for 3 weeks (so far, so good). I can also say that the balance of the tire has not been negatively affected during highway driving, at least down to - 13°C (8 °F). Temperatures haven't gone lower so far, but usually in January/February we get a good 2-3 weeks at around -30°C (- 22°F) which will be the real test in terms of affecting balance as the Tireject might solidify at that temperature. Will be interesting to see if that affects the balance and if it's possible, I'll try and post an update to this review at that time to both cover any potential low temp balance issues and to review the longevity of the fix for the bead leak.

A real good fix

Used it to fix a bead leak on a header cart wagon and it worked perfect

It worked great for what I needed four

Work saver

Luckily I haven't had to use it yet, but there is some comfort in knowing you have some utensils with you that will save you a headache or the possibility of wrecking a rim, a little insurance policy to get you home, or at least improve your odds of making it back to where you can deal with it with a little more ease than out in the middle of nowhere

NOT happy 35 days old order

Product NEVER RECEIVED, got lost in mail. Still NO refund. Contacted PayPal to take action.
Really not my problem to chase after a lost packet/letter. Your shipping system seems to be ridiculously complicated. If it was shipped via USPS registered I would have already had it.

Hi Karel, as we noted over email your international order was stuck in your local postal systems customs clearance. Just replying to your review to note that the issue was resolved and the package was finally delivered. Thank you and our apologies for the delivery delay caused by the international courier service.

Lawn Mower Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit

Excalibur Racing

I've used this product in my race utv, and my two race quads (wood's racing), the punishment a tire takes racing is a lot different then just riding around on the weekend. and I have to tell you (knock on wood) I've never had flat in any of the machines, this product is the best. It's easier to use than the green stuff and a lot less messier too, this is the best product on the market and I will keep using it. Thank you, Keith

Bought the lawn mower kit

Had a front tire that had to air up every week watched videos from one lonely farmer on you tube and had to give it a try. Put it in the front tire aired it up mowed for 15 min and the tire has been up every since. The other day my flat bed trailer had a flat and had to haul a load of hay said to my self I have some tireject why not try it tire is still up. Any body asks me about tireject I will let them have some they just have to replace it when they make they're order and they will make a order for sure.


Bought this to fix slow leaks in zero turn mower tires. Have used other tire sealers in the past but TireJect does what it says it will do with a lot less sealer than the other brands. It has been three weeks since I put it in the tires and by now they would have been real low or flat. They are all still up and have not lost any air. This is the best sealer that I have ever used. Will be ordering more to have here on the ranch. Thank you for a great product that does what it says it will do.

Easy to work with

Product was very easy to put in the tire and sealed leaks within 10 mins of rolling tire around. It’s only been 2 weeks but appears to be holding good.

Automotive Tire Sealant - Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit
Partial Victory

I have a Ford Ranger with aluminum wheels that suffers bead leaks of air. I installed TireJect sealer as directed and drove the vehicle approximately 15 miles. There was an improvement in the reduction of air loss from 8-10 lbs. per week down to 4 lbs. per tire, An improvement yes, but not what i was hoping for, which was a complete sealing of the beads.

Hi Bob, thank you for taking the time to add a review. This sounds like you simply need to add more sealant for your tire size. We are working on a more detailed tire size chart for automotive to provide a better guide, but typically for Trucks or SUVs you will need 2 x automotive pouches. We will email you directly to get you an additional pouch and solve this issue. In the future please do reach out to us directly before posting a negative review. We have great customer service and typically respond same day.

Great product! No leaks or flats EVER in my 2014 RZR 1000!

Gallon Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit

So far so good!

Easy to use website. Prompt delivery. Thinner than I thought it would be which isn't a bad thing, but I spilled some before I realized it was not like a gel. Hasn't been in the tire long enough yet to know how it will hold up.