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Based on 691 reviews
Revised from 3 to 4 star

Had a problem with initial use of syringe injector. The inside threads on the hose end that threads onto value stemmed striped out on me on my first use. In response to my 3 Star rating their customer service sent me a free replacement. I bought the gallon size for multiple applications so I upgraded my first review just for their after sale support. After treating more tires I may update again if product performs as well as their customer service Dept. Thanks!

TireJet it works

This product really works I would highly recommended this product. No issues with tire pressure sensors or tire temperature sensors on most SUV's.


The fill hose that screws onto the tire stem cross threaded real easy and the plastic threads inside the connection stripped out and will not stay on valve stem any time use. Very disappointing since I bought a gallon for multiple tires.

Lawn Mower Kit

Worked great! Slime is not even comparable!

So far so good

Will be installing tot on skid steer wanted to make sure no slow leaks developed


Great product.not messy. Easy clean up.

Great product

I have a small ranch out in Idaho. We have a nauseous weed called a Goathead that have nasty thorns and damage everything with a wheel on it. Since using TireJect the days of flat tires are over and it’s cut my down time do to punctured tires to zero. Hi highly recommend this product.

1 tire so far and so far so good,,tractor in the mesquites this week, is there a bulk price break?

Great stuff

Works everytime sealed a 1/4 inch hole in my trator tire


works great for us, will get this brand again next time

Tireject truck tire seal

Expensive but you forget about that when the annoying slow leaks are gone. Nothing else works. First review came out one star. I meant five stars.

fixed riding mower flats

Our mower front tires kept going flat. Tireject worked beyond our expectations. My husband is very happy to say the least. I would recommending this stuff to anyone over all other products.

I did it myself

This was so easy. I was worried about doing it myself because I have never fixed a tire myself let alone removing a valve stem. I fixed my flat tire, mowed the yard and then did the other three—still holding air. THANKs

Saves frustration

I have a two piece wheel leaks air constantly, applied product hasn’t leaked in days. Great product 👍🏽

Second purchase

This stuff is amazing. My second purchase for use on atv's and my other cars. Thanks guys!


My order arrived today....was very anxious to give it a much so that I installed it in a thunderstorm....LOL...So far so good....pleased it worked so well....will post long term results in a month or so.....Thanks.....I coach as a Volunteer a local Trapshooting Highschool team......May have to consider trying on our "Range" the tires on it are a challenge to say the least.....(Older UTV)....

as described

shipped quickly first time purchase tried it on lawnmower front tires and fixed them easy to use

product worked for me

I had slow bead leaks on some car rims. Used the amount that was suggested and the leaks have stopped. Thank you Tireject

The Best

This is simply a game changer, best product on the market!

Just in Case !!!!

Have wished I had one of these more than once... Valves look like they should definately do the job..Fortunately I have NOT needed them yet !!!

I am tired of Flat Tires

Used in Zero turn mower back tires. Have hedge tires that have sharp thorns that poked the tire ever week . It cast $25 ever time . So happy to find TireJect.

ATV Tire Sealant - Tire Protection Kit

Easy to install

Easy to install, everything needed is included. Can't comment on effectiveness. However have used similar in mountain bike for years and won't roll with out it.

Super happy as usual!

I’ve used TireJect before and had excellent results, hence my second purchase.
Here is a short video follow up review: