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Based on 785 reviews

I am a little reluctant to do a review on this as of now as a title says skeptical but it has been 21 days and the tire is still up but the jury is still out on the Long Haul of this product but so far I'm liking it

Great stuff!

Put up with slow leaking tires on my 2008 Honda Civic for over a year-tires lost 6-8 pounds per week. Put this in each tire and no lost pressure for two weeks now! Great to be able to start and go instead of filling up tires first. No noticeable difference in handling and no shake or shimmy either. Thanks for a great product!

Wish I'd found this sooner!

We have two Gators we use on our farm/ranch. It is essentially impossible to keep tires aired up, they will have a smaller leaks that take a couple of days to go flat. I tried the tires on one first, three of which had slow leaks. One week later all tires are fully aired. Highly recommend!

Happy so far

I've learned my lesson the hard way reviewing too fast on a product but so far so good before Aaron car up twice a day it has been up for about 21 days now

Works Great!!

This stuff really works.

Very happy so far.

This was my second time ordering. Out of the 5 tires that I've filled not an ounce of air has escaped in the last two months. Thanks for the grate product.

Automotive Tire Sealant - Compact Car/Sedan - Bead Sealer & Tire Repair Kit

TireJect best stuff ever

TireJect is the best tire sealant I have found and used. I have used this in tractor and ATV tires and works great. My tractor tire even had some dry rot so this was great in giving me more more added life to the tire.

Polaris Ranger Diesel

So far I love this product, my tires looked like a shotgun had been used on them, my friend said this colored water will never work wellll it does !!! I can go anywhere on the Ranch with out fear of flats and walking back who would believe this. I would like to sell this product
Bill Brannen

Excellent product

The best tire product ever!

Farm flat

Used the Tireject to repair both front tires on my John Deere. Works great and super easy to use.

Great company!

The product works great, the delivery is fast, the packaging is solid. Thank you and keep up the great work!

This stuff really works!

My Honda Pilot had bead leaks on two tires so bad, I had to fill them every couple weeks. I bought the full size truck and one refill to do both tires. It only took a few minutes to install. What a great product, this stuff really works.

Didn't fix 3 holes in one tire

I bought an 10oz packet and tried it out on a 24 x 12 x 12 Hustler zero turn mower tire that had 3 holes in it. None of the holes were larger than 3/8" and the bead had an air leak on the same side as the valve stem. I followed the directions and I had nothing but a blue mess on the floor of my shop. Unlike most all the demo videos I found concerning the use of this product, I was starting with a flat tire (tire was put on the rim as a flat tire and had zero (0) air pressure in it.
I am very disappointed in this product. I had very high hopes that it would solve some issues that my company has. Every year my company (I do not own it, I am the shop manager of it), goes through at least 5 tires because someone on the crew ran over something or runs into something and cuts the sidewall of the tire. It was my goal to show my boss how well your product works for the holes and it would reduce the cost of replacing a $100 plus dollar tire needlessly. If this product would have worked on this tire and a trailer tire that had a hole in it, I could have convinced him to spend several hundred dollars in order to put it in all of our equipment tires. This would have saved me several thousand dollars over the course of a year.

We contacted Dean for more information on his application and found that a plug was removed from the tire which left a large hole from reaming during the plug installation. Our recommendation is to leave plugs in place and allow TireJect to seal around a leaky plug, we provided a replacement pouch to reapplicate the tire. Thank you!
atv tire

Product arrived in a timely manner.Easy to apply and so far is working great. Thank you.

Paddle Tires

So Far So Good. Put 36 ounces in my 35 in paddle tires and they seem to be holding. I knocked the review down one star because someone had it automatically at 5 stars, trying to sway my vote it would seem. I probably would have wnt there anyway, but don't so it for me.

2nd Time Customer

TireJect worked so good on my first set of XP4 1000 tires, I bought 2 more 1 gallon sets of TireJect, one for my new tires and one for my nephews XP4 1000. We run Pitbull Growlers and GBC Grim Reaper tires and run them hard on the FarNorCal trails and hill. This is the tire stop leak product to buy for aggressive off road UTV use for sure.

Great product

Everything you need

Atv tire repair

It’s been two weeks since using TireJect and it has fixed the leak on my atv. This stuff works!!!


Excellent product....worked flawlessly...very satisfied!

Not gooey

This the second jug of tire ject I’ve purchased and seems to work well. A couple of drawbacks is having to redo the tires yearly and it’s pricey as heck. I used the gooey stuff before on other tires and didn’t have to treat the tires yearly.

Tireject 1 gallon

Learned about this stuff from Wesley Pandy on One lonley Farmer on You Tube. Great stuff.

Excellent product

Does exactly what they say! Saved me a lot of money and aggravation dealing with leaky tires.

Off road tire sealant

Excellent product!! Easy to use and works! I have used slime, but tire jet is superior!! Can't say enough. I highly recommend this product!

Golf Cart

Great product works perfectly