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Based on 734 reviews
Bead seal

Works as they say

Great product

Easy to understand instructions and simple to use product. I would recommend to everyone

Great product, fast delivery. Thank you

Worked great

Was simple to install and is working great so far.

old tire

Fixed a 20 year old atv tire in 5 minutes.

Sidewall Hole in ATV tire

The product has held up well. It's been two weeks and the ATV has been ridden several times- no problems. Beats the heck out of buying a new tire!

Bead seal

Have utv tire has spot in bead gone leaked air about every two days had to air up tire. used tireject in all 4 tires been full of air for two weeks now. Works as described best tire sealant made..


Worked great!

It Works!

I have a yard rake that the tires would loose air a few days after use. The tires are 8" so I added 5 oz. per tire. Added air and spun each tire for several minutes. After several weeks the tires are still inflated. Great product.


I used the tireject and it was very easy to fill with the included syringe. I had a couple of holes that required a plug but the rest of my pin holes plugged up. After 2 weeks two of the tires no longer hold air and are leaking out the pin holes. Seems like over time the fluid leaked out? I’m not sure but two of them worked well. I followed the instructions and the holes are not visible to the eye until you spray soapy water the you can see the tiny bubbles.


This stuff is awesome. Bought a 4 tire kit and it was well thought out. Evrything i needed to add TiteJect to my Ranger. Easy to install, easy clean up and it works great.


Haven't Tried Yet but looks great!

Not so good

Well it didn't work out for me on a lawn mower tire so fix a flat is cheaper...

Quick Delivery, Easy Installation

I found Tireject by chance online. I saw that Tireject had over 5,000 reviews with a 5-star rating. I have to say at first I was a little skeptical, but as I read the reviews and the praise they were getting for their product I decided to order it. I ordered Tireject on a Sunday evening, and it was here by Wednesday afternoon. I went out that weekend and added Tireject to all four tires on my four-wheeler. I have to say that so far I am pleased with the product. No more airing up the tires every time I want to use my four wheeler to do something, I go out to the barn the tires are fully aired and it's ready to go. My overall experience with Tireject was great. Quick delivery and an easy to install product, I would recommend Tireject in a heartbeat. Thanks Tireject!!

Review of tireject

Great product! Work just as you indicated and no negative effects. I’d purchase this again.

5 Stars

I was quoted 176.50 to have my rim put on a machine for my slow leak ... problem solved for 30 and change ... you guys rock


Love your product...I have in two SXS, one motorcycle, two giant JD tractors and my skidsteer. I used to have to fill tires with air daily. Since using your product, I have not had to add air once to any of my equipment. Best time saver I come across in years. Thanks for the great product...

Excellent product!

Excellent excellent excellent. Even worked with a tube even though it said not to use with a tube!!

This Product is really great. I used it on my UTV and it did wonders. I plan to order it for my Yard Tractor.

Tire Sealant

Simple install above 5 minutes per tire. Did this about 10 days ago on skid steer with slow leaks from mesquite thorns. So far so good. Will see how long it lasts.

Slow leak!

I had gotten my Toyo 33 mud terrains which cost me about 450 a tire! A big screw found its way into my tire and I got it patched! I didn’t want to spend so much on another tire because there was so much meat left on the tire! Looked online and didn’t want to get cheap fix seals! So I got this bad boy! I been boasting about it since I got it to everyone I meet

Lawnmower ATVs and trailers

Works great I used a half a pack in each one I have no problems. Lawnmower for wheelers and tow trailers works great

Not a disbeliever anymore

Heard this product was great, was skeptical. I am a believer now. Used on four wheeler tire that has multiple plugs in it and kept loosing air. Used tireject about 2 weeks ago, tire is still NOT leaking.


A year ago I put tireject into quad tires and tractor tubes. I know it is not recommended for tubes but I figured I had nothing to lose. All were successful. This summer I had to redo 1 of 2 tractor tires. The tractor was used to brushhog autumn olive which has lots of thorns. I plan to continue use of the product as well as recommending it to others.