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Based on 525 reviews

The product is real. I used on a 22inch chrome rim. Psi would go to 10 within hours. I received tireject on 02/4/2019, fast shipping. Day 1 you will have to fill in additional air day 2 a little bit more. Day 3 you may not notice. Day 5 you are satisfied. If you ever had to pay for numerous rim repairs and low pro tires, this product will amaze you. Its 02/16/2019 50psi 🔥🔥. I'm definitely buying more. These guys should consider creating a radiator seal product.




So far so good been about a week

So far so good

Tried on a couple habitual flat gator tires and seems to be working!

M and M

Great product, works great!!

Core removal tool makes easy work of filling a flat

The included core removers can do the job in a pinch but in the winter it helps to have the premium tool. When you're hands are cold and wet with snow the premium tool is easier to hold on to and give it the extra torque needed to unscrew the core so you can fill the flat. Works nicely to install the core as well.

Lawn mower

I have puncture vine here on the property so I am hoping this stuff really works. Looked into putting foam into the tires and that was going to cost $600.00 dolars and be very heavy. A friend told me about Tireject so I thought it would be worth a try. We just bought this home last May, seems like every thing here has flat tires.

Seems to work

Front driver side tire had developed a really slow leak. Tire was examined but no tread puncture was found. Thought it might be a tire bead leak. Was initially gonna go with slime but i saw the reviews for tireject and decided to try it. Seems to have worked. The leak has stopped. FYI, the formulation for automotive tires is yellow and not blue.

Works great fixed a bead leak on my 26 inch rim that the tire shop couldn’t fix TireJect really do work believe me trust me give it a try

tireject sealed leaking beads

Tractor has slightly bent wheel, even new tires could not get a bead seat. I had my doubts, but Tireject solved the problem. Kubota RTV had same problem, flat in 2 days from bead leaks. Problem solved. Wish I knew about this product sooner. Will purchase more and use when needed, no more plugging tires.

Product didn’t work properly !!

The product must have had a bad o ring seal on the black feed neck because instead of going down the tube it shout out of the sides of the o ring on the nozzle. Needless to say it wasn’t a great experience as none of the product could make it to the tire. I had high hopes for the product but was extremely let down.

4 ounces can save you when you have a flat.

These are nice to have in your vehicle along with a battery operated air compressor. Like everything else inspect the flip open cap to make sure it has a clear opening to insert product. Always inspect you safety equipment for proper operation. I've used it on two tires so far and they sealed up and are fine.

Tire protection kit

Awesome product used on my rtv Kubota worked fantastic and that had cracks on sidewalls. It's all what it's advertised as. I'll buy more.

Honda Tank

Received the product and the stem removal tool was missing. E-mailed company and one was sent. ATV tire had a small leak. It only holds 3 pounds of air and would leak about one pound of air per week. After applying product it still leaks but only about one half pound of air a week. So it did help but didn’t completely stop the leak. At $25.00 per tube if I put another tube in it I will have almost as much as it would cost to replace the tire. Also the nozzle to apply was stopped up. It looked like it had been used before.

Hi Billy, sorry to hear there is an issue getting your tire to seal. TireJect will always seal a leak in the rubber of the tire or the bead and there are only a few reasons a leak might persist. Our tech support team replied to you directly so we can resolve the issue. Thanks!
Great Kit!

This kit is fully stocked up for trail side repairs. The co2 cylinders with the regulator\inflator make filling tires easy. We also hace the plug kit in ours. Pretty convenient carrying case, well thought out design that fits everything. I'll likely never need to use it as my tires are protected by TireJect.

Only 1 year of protection

Disappointed that it only offers one year of puncture protection.

You can easily get extended flat tire protection by re-adding half the dosage amount each year. This will refresh the liquid rubber and kevlar fibers to continue preventing flats. Also worth noting that all seals made are 100% permanent. You only have to add additional to repair another puncture after the 1 year period or to continue preventing flat tires.
Very satisfied

Purchased an ATV kit for some tires that had excellent tread still , but slow sidewall leaks from dry rot and poor bead seals from old pitted rims. The product worked great and saved me lots of money on tires. I did straight from the instructions slightly by laying the wheels on their side while letting the product work and flipping occasionally. I have rode on them multiple times at only 2.5 PSI and they are still holding. No more re-inflating daily! I will be a continuing customer.

Didn’t work

Put recommended product in and didn’t work. Added more as directed by them and no change. Very disappointed. Still slow leak.

Hi Martin, we will contact you directly to resolve this issue. TireJect will always seal a leak within our specification. If your tire is not sealing the leak is likely coming from the rim or potentially the valve stem.
TireJect worked so far.

I have a 2000 Isuzu Vehicross with the original alloy wheels. I am told that overtime alloy wheels corrode more than steel wheels. Last year all four tires developed gradual air leaks. Trying to remount them did not stop the leaks. So I tried some green slime on the worst two wheels. That did not work very well. I was still adding air every 1-2 days. I want to keep my VX all original and so I did not want to buy new alloy wheels. So I took them to a place that "reconditions" old wheels. It cost $150/wheel. The reconditioning worked on two of the wheels but not on the other two. So I decided to try TireJect. I put one pouch into each of the two wheels. One of the wheels has stopped leaking completely. The leak on other wheel (the worst one) has slowed down considerably from requiring air every day to every five days. It is cold here right now. But when it gets a little warmer I'll add a second pouch to the leaking wheel to see if that stops the leak completely. If it doesn't, I will still be happy since I only have to refill every 5th day and I can still keep my OEM alloy wheels.

A+++ tire sealant

I was frustrated with four ATV tires that was constantly needing air daily due to bad seal at the beads and punctures in the tires. I easily added TireJect to each tire and filled them back up with air. It has been over two weeks now and tires are still at the same PSI when I added TireJect! TireJect is worth it!

works as advertised

I ran it in my atv down in south Texas this season where everything is covered on big thorns. I pulled countless cactus and huge thorns from the tires only to watch them seal and plug. i would give it 6 starts if that was an option.

Awesome Product

I have 22s that the chrome is flaking off and causing a bead leak, this worked perfect and sealed them up within a day!!! Will definitely buy again when needed!!


i was somewhat skeptical about the product but did not want the expense of a new Michelin light truck tire. The leak was previously plugged puncture that had started leaking again. Delivery was right on time. Followed the directions, drove vehicle a couple of miles, has not lost a pound of air since. Highly recommend.

ATV vs Arizona Cactus

Basically I’ve tried the other stuff, and so far TireJect seems to keep the tires from leaking even when full of thorns. The other tire stuff didn’t. So ask me again in six months.

Excellent Service

Purchased to keep in auto along with an air compressor just in case should I have a problem as the car came without a spare. Insurance before I call AAA.