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TireJect product reviews posted by our customers
Based on 116 reviews
Great product

Best tire sealant I ever used. It permanently seals leaks

slow leak

worked like a charm

Holding Up So Far... Great Product - Tire Repair Kit

I recently purchased TireJect to help with my tires on my riding mower. Since purchase, I have pulled out 15-20 mesquite thorns and the holes have sealed up and I have continued to use the same tires. I plan on using this product on my equipment as the cost is better than the green slime and it uses much less liquid in the tire. If you could include a metal valve stem wrench that would be my only change.


Tire Sealant Refill Pouch

Tire pressure gauge

Haven't used it yet but appears solid and easy to read I like that the chuck swivels and it holds the reading till you manually reset the gauge to zero.


Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit

First timer/no more slimer!!!

Seen all the reviews, but had to find out my self to be 100%. Well. I'm 100% This stuff is amazing. In the 1 gallon, it's pour spout is a ltitle tricky. But once u get it it's all good. U can hear the air coming out till the tireject hits the spot then seals rite up. Stays sealed. Great product. Will recommend & will purchase again.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

So far so good for my flat on my Kubota!


Worked even with the slime I previously put in the tire


Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit

Worth the cost

Does what it says it will do.

Tire ject

Best stuff ever have a 29 year old ATV tire with dry rot sideways and up and down horizontal I really thought it might not work put it in drove it around the yard a few times shook it up and down side to side and it is still holding air today best tire product ever love it

Mower Tires

I have never heard of TireJect before. I accidentally stumbled on a video on YouTube about it. I was skeptical, but I decided to invest in enough to fix my dry rotted riding mower tires. After 5 days 3 out of the 4 would usually be setting on the rims, but it's been 2 weeks and they haven't lost a pound of air yet. I have to say I'm impressed. I've already received my second order for my ATV tires.

Best tire sealant ever !

This is by far the best tire sealant I have used ! I will be ordering more soon !

5 star

Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit

5 star

good customer service and the product is working great.

Best tire sealer

First time using so I was apprehensive. Had a garden tractor tire that had a slow leak flat in two days. I have used other products in other flats with success. I wanted better. So ordered. Fast ship. Used per directions. Flat fixed. Still up 9 days later. Next quad tire and front tractor tires. Great product.

ATV tires are "pumped" about TireJect.

I love this stuff. Easy to install and it does its job. Solved the leaking tires on my ATV and I will be ordering more for my tractor tires. For any of you who might be curious, IT WORKS !!!!

What a amazing product.

I ordered a refill bag as I already had the tools and way to get it the tires. I did an real bad cracked sidewalls on my tractor. I added abput 4os in it filled it with air. I laid it down on the sidewall and began to move it around within a minute every last leak has stopped. I put it on the tractor cut the grass. 2 weeks now the rire is holing air. I also used 2oz to plug a pin hole in my atv tire. This stuff cleans up as if it was milk. Just amazing how well it works.


Very easy to install and product works great the first time.

Quick Fix

I had two tires on my Golf Cart that just wouldn't seal around the rim and I had to mess with them daily. We even broke down the tires manually (that's work) and hand cleaned the rims. Still slow leaks so I ordered TireJect and now NO problem. It was easy to use and I highly recommend it.

Don't know???

Have not used it yet!!!!!

Amazing product

I purchased this for my garden tractor, I have 1 1/2 acres and every weekend I was plugging and pumping up the tires, Running over large thorns, I have not had a flat since putting this product into the tires, but have pulled out thorns from the tires and they have not lost air. This product is great !!

Co2 cartridges

Price was right and the time to deliver was quicker than I expected
Great company!

Newcomer to product


Great Stuff

Seems to be working. Easy to use.

Super easy and works great!

Had slow leaks in both rear tires of our Polaris Ranger. Didn't want to spend what new tires would cost and these low PSI tires cant be plugged. Bought Tireject and it worked great. It was super easy to inject and has stopped the leaks. Great product!

Golf Cart

I have fought a slow leak on two of my golf cart tires for months, glad to find a simple easy product that is as easy to use as it is to clean up. Tires retain air and I couldn't be more pleased, next riding mower tires!

Great stuff

This is the best tire sealant I've ever used I have a leaking rim on my Mower and it put some in and sealed it I use it on all my mower tires wouldn't use anything else

Works great

used it on my Utv tires and also fixed the rim leak on my lawn mower

The stuff works

Wasn't sure if it would work, bought some and it stopped the slow leak I had.

Tire jet purchase

Great stuff, fixed 4 atv tires!

Works for me

Bought a brand new riding mower. First time I used it, I got a thorn in the 2 ply front tire. No luck removing the thorn. Put TireJect in all four tires. Two weeks later and the tire is still holding air. Happy with the results so far. If you don't hear from me by the end of mowing season, you'll know I didn't have any more flats.

Troy Tiller Tires

The tires are cracked and dry rotted. Last year I ended up tilling a good sized area with a totally flat and badly cracked tire that would not hold air. Recently I added 2 ounces of TireJect to each tire per instructions, that was 2 weeks ago, no leaks still going strong. I would Probably be skeptical if I didn't see it for myself. Saved about $140.00 on tires for a machine that's only used for a brief period per year. Very Satisfied

Works Great!

2nd. time i have used this product and it's amazing. I have tires on two lawn tractors that have rotten sidewalls and Tire-ject allows me to continue using them.

5 star

Tire Sealant Refill Pouch


easy to use, works great, definitely recommend.

Performance of TireJect tire sealant

We have been using TireJect sealant on large flotation traction tires on our Land Cruiser off road winter run around the farm vehicle. For a couple of years two tires had been leaking down and would be flat within one week. After using TireJect in the tires for several months there has been no observable air pressure leakage from the problem tires. TireJect is also being used in a utility trailers tires that had a history of going flat after sitting for a couple of weeks. The utility trailers tires have not gone flat since the TireJect compound was installed. A Bolens 16 hp. multipurpose tractor also had old tires that were cracking from years of exposure to sunlight and all of it's tires had slow leaks. Again, after injecting the Tireject material into the units tires, all tires have stayed inflated for the months since the product has been installed. At this point in time I am very satisified with how well TireJect has performed. Several off road tires continue to be in use that would have required replacing if it had not been for this product. Possibly the best part of this review was how quickly and easily the tires discussed were returned to service and at a very reasonable cost. I plan to continue using TireJect to get tires back in service and keep them inflated when needed in the future!

4 star

16g c02 Cartridge 4-pack refill

Have not used the product yet.

Will rate as soon as I use it.

5 star

Tire Sealant - Tire Repair Kit

Worth the money.

I discovered TireJect from the YouTube channel One Lonely Farmer where he shot the tire with a .22 pistol and used TireJect to fix the leak. I had a riding lawn mower that was leaking all 4 tires and this was able to stop it. I also have a suburban that is not being driven but wanted to stop the leak in one of the tires and this has done the job. I will be using again for my off highway tire leaks.

This product really works!

I purchased a 2015 cub cadet an had two flat tires the 1st week of using it, I filled all 4 tires with TIRE-JECT an have gone 2 weeks so far with heavy use and no leaks. I am sold on this product. I will be ordering more for my riding mower soon.

5 star

Tire Sealant Kits - Prevent & Fix Flat Tires

5 star

Sorry don't think I mareke the rating on my last entry so heee you go

So far so good

First time user on farm equipment: a John Deere Gator and riding mower. So far so good after a period of time where the tires would have gone flat. Appears to me to be a very good product.

great product

It works like it is supposed to,and with the applicator it is very easy to get into the tire.

Slow Leak Madness Resolved

Had a slow leak (deflating over a week) on our sidexside. It's been over a week since using the TireJect and the tire has maintained pressure. Product easy to use. We'll see how it holds up long term.



Thank you for the review Bruce. What we recommend for measuring is to bend or kink the hose once the injector is attached to the valve stem. This will allow you to pour the sealant in and measure then straighten the hose (unkink) to let the tire sealant flow in and finally use the injector plunger to force any remaining tire sealant through the valve stem.
Never flat again!!!

This is the best product I have ever seen and used. I purchased tireject last year at the camp razor in NH... I have also ordered more of this for a friend and my other atv.. Great product!!!