co2 inflator kit with regulator valve
co2 inflator kit with regulator valve
co2 inflator kit with regulator valve
co2 inflator kit carry case
co2 inflator kit zipper case
Co2 Tire Inflator with Tire Plug Kit
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Quick Highlights:
  • Easily store in pack or glove box
  • Faster inflation time over portable electric pumps
  • 2 x cartridges will inflate a standard 26x8 ATV tire to 5-6 psi
  • Includes: 4 x 16g CO2 Cartridges, 1 x Inflator, 1 x Zipper carrying case
Extra Details:

Our CO2 Inflator kit makes it fast and convenient to inflate a tire while on the go. Portable electric pumps can take 10-15 minutes to inflate a tire, while this kit can do it in just seconds. The built-in regulator valve also makes it easy to control and reduces the chance of accidentally discharging.

This kit is also available in our Emergency Tire Repair Pro Kit that contains everything you need to fix a flat tire on the side of the trail.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Randy N (Reno, US)
Nicely packaged

Compact kit with all the essentials
My sweetie and I don’t ride with others so this gives us the means to help ourselves
We also installed your Tireject product into our tires, so hopefully we won’t need this flat repair product.

Cherokee Shorter

I am a little reluctant to do a review on this as of now as a title says skeptical but it has been 21 days and the tire is still up but the jury is still out on the Long Haul of this product but so far I'm liking it

Melvin Peoples (McKinney, US)
Looks good

Haven’t had to use it yet

Team Pistelak (El Cajon, US)
Great Kit!

This kit is fully stocked up for trail side repairs. The co2 cylinders with the regulator\inflator make filling tires easy. We also hace the plug kit in ours. Pretty convenient carrying case, well thought out design that fits everything. I'll likely never need to use it as my tires are protected by TireJect.

Eric Lund (Danville, US)
Puncture insurance

Works fine. Haven’t got a chance to try it out in the hills yet. Easy to fill in tires. Be careful up north as I think if I remember correctly it will freeze below -10