How to choose the best tire sealant

How to choose the best tire sealant

There are many tire sealant brands and options to fix or prevent flat tires. We have tested every tire sealant on the market and have found all to be the same which is what drove us to create TireJect™.

All competing tire sealants brands are made from a thick gel base with suspended fibers. The problem with this is they simply rely on air pressure to hold fiber suspended gel into the puncture which doesn't last. Many of our customers that previously used competing brands found TireJect™ because the competing brands failed to seal their tire. Don't make that same mistake.

How do you choose the best tire sealant? Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews and compare the many benefits of TireJect™ in the chart below.

TireJect™ creates a permanent seal with liquid rubber, recycled rubber particles and Aramid fibers (DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber) to create and bond the plug to the tire from the inside out.

Compare Tire Plugs, Tire Patches, Tubes or paint on bead sealers...

Tire Plugs will commonly fail with a slow leak. TireJect can fix a failed leaky tire plug and is fully compatible with tire plugs. Many competing tire sealants are not compatible with tire plugs because the thicker gel base tire sealants acts as a lubricate and the rubber cement is no longer able to bond with the rubber.

Tire Patches are typically installed by a tire shop which is time consuming and expensive to have installed.

Tubes require the tire to be de-mounted and are time consuming to install. Then after all that effort you are just waiting for the next flat. TireJect installs in 5 minutes without any special tools, plus TireJect continues preventing and protecting your tires from flats for 12-24 months.

Paint on bead sealers are for repairing bead leaks only. These products require the tire to be de-mounted for installation and don't always work. TireJect will easily seal bead leaks and can be installed in less than 5 minutes with no special tools.