We tested all the major competing brands against TireJect and found the same result each time. Slime and other brands are made with a thick gel like base using long strand fibers of varying types. The long strand fibers make the tire sealant chunky while the gel base is gooey and clings to your tire and rim. The type of fiber used does not change the performance, the thicker gel based sealants all suffer from the same limitations. The thick formulation of Slime and others are designed to stick to the tread area for limited temporary repair of a tire. In addition these sealants need much more in the tire, most ATV tires require 24-32oz which is alot of rotational weight causing tire vibration or tire balance issues.
Animation to compare the tire sealant coverage of Slime and other brands to TireJect
We have found in our testing that Slime and other thicker gel based tire sealants provide only a temporary repair that does not permanently seal because they lack an adhering agent. The fibers are simply held in place by air pressure and when the vehicle is at rest the sealant settles and the tire commonly starts leaking again.
Our last review point is the ease of cleanup when it comes time to replace the tire. They all claim easy clean up which is partially true when the sealant is immediately removed after application. But after a gel based the sealant is in the tire for years it can harden and is impossible to clean from the tire and rim.
Watch our video comparing the difference between TireJect and Slime tire sealant
TireJect uses a different approach, we designed TireJect tire sealant to be a thin/low viscosity liquid that is near the consistency of milk and easily flows around the tire for full coverage. While the tire is rotating TireJect finds and permanently repairs any leaks in the tread, sidewall and bead area of the tire with liquid rubber and Aramid fibers. The liquid rubber provides the permanent repair while the Aramid fibers wedge into larger punctures for a faster seal. A thinner formula also means up to 75% less tire sealant is required per tire, for example only 10oz of TireJect is needed in a standard ATV tire (Slime requires 24-32oz for the same application). The real proof to the effectiveness of TireJect is in the customer reviews - read what customers like you are saying about TireJect.
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