Dirt Trax started hearing the name TireJect Tire Sealant mentioned by folks both online and at events. After continued successful uses of TireJect Luke Lester's interest was peaked and Dirt Trax Television decided to put together a detailed product review video to share the best flat tire repair and flat tire protection product on the market with DirtTrax viewers.

TireJect Tire Sealant has many advantages over competing tire repair products that are on the market. It's time to re-think what you know about flat tire repair. If you have tried other tire sealant brands without success or think tire sealant is bad for your tire, think again and take a second look at TireJect.

TireJect will repair common punctures by nails, screws, thorns that are located in the sidewall and tread area. We can also seal bead leaks (rim leaks) and even minor tire dry rot on low-speed, off-road tires. Join the thousands of customers who have discovered TireJect.