Not all tire sealants are created equal. In this post we compare the most popular brands of tire sealant (brand names omitted) with TireJect tire sealant.
Competing tire sealants are a thick gel base with suspended fibers, the color might be different or they might even use similar materials, but don't be fooled - all these traditional tire sealants are the same.
Competing brands simply rely on air pressure to hold fiber suspended gel into a puncture. A gel plug simply does not last and will leak. All thick gel based tire sealants require 24-32oz for a standard ATV tire which commonly causes tire balance issues.
TireJect only requires 8oz for the same sized tire, our thin base formulation pools to the lowest point and quickly flows around the tire to find and permanently seal any leaks.
This is where TireJect is different, we designed our tire sealant to be a thin/low viscosity liquid that is near the consistency of milk. While the tire is rotating the tire sealant quickly flows to and seals any leaks in the tread, sidewall and bead area of the tire - TireJect can even fix tire dry rot*. Competing tire sealants stick to the tread area for limited protection. While TireJect's thin base tire sealant will easily cover and protect all areas of the tire for full protection.
TireJect is the only tire sealant with patent pending technology that is formulated with natural liquid rubber, recycled rubber tire particles and DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber. These materials work together to permanently seal punctures.
What are you going to trust in your tire? The competitors gel plug that never permanently seals or TireJect's rubber plug that adheres to the rubber of the tire for a permanent seal?
Choose TireJect the highest rated tire sealant on the market.