What's new at TireJect for 2018!?

What's new at TireJect for 2018!?

More tire sealant kit options and new packaging
For 2018 we are excited to announce our all new packaging that is designed around customer feedback and how our customers are using TireJect. More and more customers are discovering the benefits of preventing flat tires by pre-installing TireJect before flats happen. This has lead us to create "Tire Protection Kits" designed for specific vehicle types and tire sizes. We have Tire Protection Kits for just about every off-road vehicle type - ATV / SxS, Lawn mower / Zero turn, Compact tractor / Skidsteer, Farm tractor and more are coming!

New packaging = 25% more Tire Sealant!
You now get 25% more Tire Sealant in our 10oz pouches (old pouches were 8oz) at a better price. Based on customer feedback, increasing tire sizes on SxS's (If you didnt see Polaris RZR now has factor 32" tires!) and our tire size research we found that 10oz Pouches are a better fit for our flag ship pouch size. This allows us to make better fitting Tire Protection Kits for various tire sizes and best of all gives you a better price per ounce!

Vehicle specific Tire Protection Kits designed for your vehicle and tire size

What else is TireJect up to this year?
Everyone is familar with our original Tire Repair Kits. These were 8oz pouches that came in single pack and two pack with our sealant injector. These kits are here to stay with our new 10oz pouch because many customers use this as a starter kit to try TireJect for the first time and then purchase larger refills to use with the re-usable sealant injector tool.

In summer 2018 we are expanding the Tire Repair Kits with brand new patent pending pouch injector packaging. This new pouch design merges the easy to use injector with our sleek pouch design for a one time use tire repair pouch. Why is this exciting? - it means a lower price point for the customers that simply want to fix a single flat tire or keep TireJect on hand for an emergency and it installs into the tire directly from the pouch!

The new pouch injector package will be avaialble later this summer for off-road and on-road vehicles.

Did that say TireJect for on-road vehicles!?
Yes! - we are launching an on-road tire sealant for cars and trucks that is designed to seal bead leaks and for emergency tire repair. You have asked and we are listening! - TireJect for cars will be out later this summer with our pouch injector packaging and we are not finished there!

On-road and Off-road Emergency Tire Repair kits with a brand new tire inflator design. We are super excited to launch this product for our customers, the kits will include everything you need to fix a flat or a bead leak from anywhere without a visit to the tire shop. I can't really tell you much more about the inflator yet. Just know that it's way better than those old school electric pumps that take 5-10 minutes to inflate a tire, our new inflator will do it in just 30 seconds.

Updated dosage guidelines
We get alot of questions by email and phone asking about dosage recommendations for certain tire sizes, to help our customers we have an all new dosage guideline that is focused around vehicle type and tire size. Its important to get the dosage right for your tire and we made this easier! If you are ever in question about the dosage for your tire use our online calculator, or email us at help@tireject.com for a quick response.

Hope your 2018 is going well! Thank you for your continued support!
-The TireJect Crew