Top Rated Customer Service

TireJect has the very best customer service in the industry. At TireJect you get direct personalized help from TireJect staff. If you need help choosing the correct dosage or are having an issue sealing a tire just email us. Our experts respond same business day with detailed instructions.

Top Rated Solution to Flat Tires 

TireJect is a family owned company that is dedicated to providing the very best solution to flat tires. TireJect is not your standard off-the-shelf tire sealant. We have specially engineered our tire sealant to outperform and solve all the issues of traditional tire sealants. With TireJect you will have no tire balance issues, enjoy easy clean up and best of all we out perform all of our competitors in puncture tests.

We take our 5 star rating very seriously, if you are having an issue please contact our customer support before leaving us a negative review. TireJect will always seal a tire within our rating, if you are having an issue we are 100% confident that we can seal your tire.


Join the rest of the hard workers and riders that trust TireJect Tire Sealant to fix and protect their tires from flats.