Download the TireJect mobile app to track tire health

Download the TireJect mobile app to track tire health

Thanks to TireJect™ you can now protect your tires from the most common types of flats with their Kevlar® fiber based tire sealant. TireJect™ has the highest rated, most effective tire sealant on the market and now you can keep track of the tire sealant dosage with their mobile app on your phone. Once you install TireJect™ tire sealant into your tires you simply record the dosage into the TireJect™ mobile app and they will remind you when it's time to re-dosage your tires and ensure you are never caught with a flat tire again.

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TireJect's mobile app is available on iPhone and Android mobile phones. You can find it by searching "TireJect" in your app store. Then simply login to our app with your social account of choice (Facebook, Twitter, Google) or you can register for an account with your email. Under the Track Dosage section of the app you can add your ATV or other equipment and start tracking dosage amount per tire. The app does the rest and is smart enough to know when to remind you that it's time to re-dose your tires. In addition to the dosage tracking feature you can view the dosage chart and instructions. They have also included a dosage calculator for estimating the correct amount of tire sealant to use for specific tire sizes.

Using TireJect's advanced tire sealant and mobile app will save you time and keep you riding on your tires longer. You have to remember that your tires have a tough job and a rough life. They are hammered by the terrain and worn down by friction on a good day. On a bad day they are flat from punctures or stubborn bead leaks caused by all the dirt and grime that can wedge between your tire and rim. This is where TireJect™ comes in for a frustration free solution to fixing and preventing flat tires.

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If you are not protecting your tires from flats you should consider adding TireJect™ to your ride. If you have a flat tire right now you can get a Guaranteed fix by purchasing TireJect™ online at